The Bitter Taxi Business: Lessons from Teachers’ Experiences

The Bitter Taxi Business: Lessons from Teachers’ Experiences

The Bitter Taxi Business: Lessons from Teachers' Experiences

Have you ever considered diving into the taxi business? Multiple streams of income sound like a great idea, but not every venture turns out to be a success story. In this article, we’ve gathered a handful of experiences from teachers who ventured into the taxi business, hoping to bolster their financial stability. Their stories serve as cautionary tales for anyone, whether a teacher or a worker, thinking about entering this competitive industry.

Case 1: The Ill-Fated Taxi Purchase

In our first case, we met a teacher close to retirement age. He embarked on this journey, aiming to secure some financial security during his golden years. He pooled his savings and took out a loan to purchase a taxi, and things initially looked promising. However, after handing the car over to a driver who promised weekly earnings, his fortune took a nosedive. The first month brought in the expected income, but after that, it was nothing but excuses and misfortune – the car wouldn’t run, the police had it impounded, and the driver was suddenly ‘sick.’ The saga continued until the teacher decided to reclaim the car.

As the one-year mark approached, the teacher realized he needed to renew the car’s roadworthiness and now  will have to pay for customs duties. To his shock, he discovered the car was originally from Togo, not Ghana. The person who sold it refused to take responsibility, leaving the teacher grappling with mounting loans as he prepared for retirement.

Case 2: The Vanishing Act

Another teacher decided to take a loan to purchase a car. He found a promising deal online and met with the seller for a test drive and payment. Everything seemed fine until the seller asked him to take the wheel for a test drive. As the teacher opened the door, the car suddenly sped off, with his money still inside. This unfortunate incident left him with a four-year loan and interest to repay.

Case 3: The Brother’s Betrayal

In the third case, a teacher took a five-year loan to start a taxi business. His brother, who had experience in the industry, agreed to help him find a suitable used car. However, the brother had other plans. He acquired a junk car, painted it, and handed it over to the teacher. Things quickly went south as the driver, who was a friend of the brother, continuously made excuses, leading to irreparable damages to the car. Attempting to resell the car only attracted scrap dealers, and the teacher found himself burdened with a five-year loan.

In some instances, drivers resorted to dark practices to maintain control over the vehicle, causing harm to their unsuspecting owners. And there were cases where drivers simply vanished, taking the car with them.

Despite the grim stories, some individuals have found success in the taxi business. Some choose to drive themselves, while others luck out with reliable drivers, resulting in substantial benefits. One teacher even bought a car for his brother, and the brother successfully paid it off.

Before venturing into the taxi business, it’s crucial to consider the risks and uncertainties.

These stories from teachers who learned the hard way are just a small sample of the challenges one can encounter in this field. Many have fallen and struggled to regain their footing.

While we can’t share all the stories, we hope this article helps you make an informed decision when considering the taxi business. It’s a reminder that the road to financial stability can be treacherous, and cautious steps are often the wisest.


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