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37 years of Teaching at AD II, teacher had 10, 000 – It’s Nonsense asking for CoLA; Officials get Ghc 402 976 for just 4yrs

37 years of Teaching at AD II, teacher had 10, 000 at end of Service- It’s Nonsense asking for CoLA; officials get Ghc 402 976 for just 4yrs

She received Ghc 1, 300 as a monthly salary on a rank of Assistant Director II (AD II) her end of service package from SSNIT was Ghc 10,000 and Tier 2 she had 159 Ghana cedis for Teaching for 37 good years.

An interview of Teachers sighted by seekersnewsghcom on Onua TV a show known as Maakye hosted by Captain Smart brought all these to light as they discuss the Teachers strike over CoLA. Confirmed We are on Strike starting from today- Teachers on Strike


The Nationwide strike, which was announced on Monday 4th July 2022 brought a lot of sympathizers Ghfixthecountry’s Statement Of Solidarity With Teacher Union Over Their Labour Action

Teachers on the show expressed their disappointment,  for years of transfer  and have not received even the transfer grant aside the low megrea salary

A Teacher on the rank of Deputy Director of Education who inquired from SSNIT the amount to receive as an of service Package ( Teachers Ex Gratia) is 11,000 Ghana Cedis for teaching for 37 years.

It was seen as unfair as a deputy majority chief whip allegedly receives whooping Ghc 402, 976 as end of service package for  just 4 years.

20% of COLA value


Assuming a teacher takes 3,000, which we don’t.

The 20% is 600 Ghana cedis. Without Tax or SSNIT deductions.
If government is to grant or pay, it is going to be  for the rest of the six month.

Some argue if COLA  should be given at 20% now by December everything ends and you come back to your old worse salary.

At a time where things are more expensive than now.

Should the 20% be given, as COLA and even maintained next year 2023 as a salary increment, the amount is now taxable and the salary will reduced drastically. It is Nonsense in asking for COLA, let’s ask  for increment.

The outcome of the meeting with government brought nothing read more The meeting between the striking teacher unions and government officials has ended. Day 1



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