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How to check GES Promotion Exams Results if you Don’t Get SMS

How to Access GES Promotion Exam Results if SMS Notification is Absent

New Update from GES Today 21st August, 2023  read to the end

How to check GES Promotion Exams Results if you Don’t Get SMS; The Management of the Ghana Education Service  has officially announced the release of promotion examination results for educators who participated in the February 2023 assessment.

Traditionally, promotion outcomes have been accessed through the GES Promotion Exams Portal. However, for this year, the GES has chosen not to utilize the Promotion Portal for disseminating results to teachers; instead, they have opted for an SMS notification system.

Utilizing this SMS-based approach, the GES aims to communicate the results to all candidates, regardless of success. Nevertheless, there have been valid concerns raised by teachers regarding the efficacy of the SMS system. It has been reported that during a prior use of the SMS system for distributing promotion index numbers, a significant number of teachers did not receive their index numbers as expected. In such instances, some educators were compelled to travel to examination centers to verify their status, while others relied on acquaintances to send images of the posted lists containing names at the exam centers.

In light of this, the Seekersnewgh team undertook an initiative to gather these index numbers, thereby assisting the affected individuals.

There are reservations about whether the SMS system will prove reliable enough to efficiently deliver the promotion results to teachers across the entire nation. As a result, the Seekersnewsgh team intends to advocate for the Ghana Education Service to establish an alternative method for accessing promotion results, beyond relying solely on the SMS system.

Alternative method of Checking Promotion Results

Automatically if you are close to GES HQ, you can check manually when the SMS alert start.

Copy of all document are given to the Regional and District HR, you can also check from the master list.

All Promotion letters are sent to the Metro or District office, go to the Office to confirm your letter.

New Update from GES Today 21st August, 2023

Text Messages to successful and unsuccessful applicants for this year’s promotion aptitude test have ended.

If you still have not received any message, kindly visit District Education Directorate and provide your details ( name, Staff ID, Active Contact) to the District HR for onward Submissions)

GES Promotion Results 2023 Release 69% Successful



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