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Teacher Unions Outraged Over Delay in Promotion Results Release

Teacher Unions Outraged Over Delay in Promotion Results Release

In a shocking turn of events, teacher unions have expressed their deep disappointment and frustration over the delay in the release of the March 2023 promotion results by the Ghana Education Service (GES). GES Promotion Results Release; Updates

According to the teacher unions, the promotion examination was conducted as early as March 2023. Under the agreed terms with the GES, two promotion exams were supposed to be held annually in March and August. However, as we approach the second promotion examination in August 2023, the results of the first cohort are still nowhere to be found.

What makes the situation even worse is the fact that no official communication has been issued by the GES regarding this delay. This has not only aggravated the existing backlog but has also caused great distress and dissatisfaction among the teachers, ultimately defeating the purpose of conducting the promotion exams.

As a result, the teacher unions are demanding immediate action from the GES.

They insist that the second set of promotion examinations be conducted promptly and the results released by December 31, 2023.

In addition, they are calling for the release of the March 2023 examination results by Friday, August 25, 2023, warning that they will not hesitate to take further action if their  demands are not met.

This delay in releasing the promotion results has certainly sparked outrage among the teacher unions, and the pressure is mounting on the GES to address this issue promptly and ensure transparency in the promotion process.

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