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Are Teachers Going Back to School on Tuesday

Are Teachers Going Back to School on Tuesday

As teacher Unions have called a strike, the National Labour Commission has also given a directive for them to call it off.

The Striking teachers’ grievances were not met and hence did not call off the strike.

The National Labour Commission got an injunction against the teacher union’s strike and the court ordered the teacher unions to call off the strike, unfortunately, the striking teachers in an interview confirmed they were not served with any injunction.

Some are calling the teacher unions to call off the strike but the heat coming from the members are not things to joke with.

The teacher Unions have officially not called off the strike, they assured teachers/stakeholders they will communicate all proceedings with them.

So, as it stands now, teachers are not going back to the classroom until a directive is issued by their Union Leaders.

Read more on the strike here Teachers Strike Negotiation Updates Today; We have not been served Strike still in Force

Teachers are only asking for improved conditions of service, 90% of what they are asking for are things given to other public sector workers.

They also do not understand why the Government would not mention that they have offered this and that, so call off the strike.

Let’s all hope for Good news coming Tuesday for both Teachers, Parents, and even the Government.

Can the Teacher unions File for counter-injunction when they are served?


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Amponsah KENNETH
Amponsah KENNETH
March 31, 2024 2:33 pm

We will never go back to classroom until we hear from our leaders and dare the leaders to …

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