Breaking: Congo Government speaks over ‘fresh coup’ 

Breaking: Congo Government speaks over ‘fresh coup’ 

In a swift response to widespread speculations of a coup attempt, the government of Congo Brazzaville, led by President Denis Sassou Nguesso, has categorically denied any such threat to its authority. Amidst mounting reports from various media outlets suggesting an ongoing coup while the president was abroad, Minister of Communication and Media, Thierry Moungalla, promptly discredited the claims via his official Twitter account.

URGENT – Contradictory Reports Emerge Regarding Brazzaville

Minister Moungalla’s tweet stated, “URGENT – Fanciful information suggests serious events that may be underway in Brazzaville. The Government denies this fake news. We reassure public opinion about the calm that reigns and invite people to calmly go about their activities.”

The current president, a former military officer who has held power since 1997, has faced numerous challenges during his tenure. However, the government’s quick response aims to quell any unrest and maintain order in the country.

As of September 17, 2023, at 21:11 Central African Time (CAT), this situation is evolving rapidly, with conflicting reports emerging. The government’s official stance remains that there is no coup attempt in progress.


At this point, the identity of those behind the alleged coup remains unknown. However, local media reports from Sunday point to the commander of the Presidential Guard as a potential figure involved in the unfolding events.

President Denis Sassou Nguesso is reportedly in New York, United States, to attend the United Nations General Assembly. Simultaneously, reports indicate that military forces have begun seizing key facilities and government installations in the capital city of Brazzaville.

Nguesso has been a prominent figure in Congolese politics for an extended period, having first taken office in 1979. His rule has been marked by both stability and controversy, with critics alleging human rights abuses and a lack of democratic freedoms.

This situation follows closely after the recent coup attempts in Niger in July and Gabon in August, raising concerns about political stability in the region.

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Breaking: Congo Government speaks over ‘fresh coup’ 

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