Ghana  to have its first nuclear power plant operational

Ghana  to have its first nuclear power plant operational by 2030
Ghana’s first Nuclear Power Plant to produce affordable electricity in a safe and environmentally friendly manner for socio-economic development.
The country in its quest to access affordable and stable power to industrialized sustainably as well as to meet the global energy transition from fossil fuel to clean energy is seeking to include nuclear power to its energy mix.
Government will soon announce its decision on the vendor country to build Ghana’s first one-gigawatt nuclear plant.
A total of 15 responses were received from vendor countries, including China, Russia, United States of America, South Korea, Canada and France.
Six of the responses received proposed large nuclear reactor technology while nine made offers for small nuclear reactors.
The decision will focus on the Large Reactor (1000 1200 Megawatt (MWe) and Small Modular Reactor (< 300 MWe, in modules).
The nuclear projects will help the country achieve its updated ten-year, Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement, which aims at reducing 64 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO).
source; African Report files


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