The Ghana Statistical Service has started paying internal support Monies to all those who took part in the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

The population and housing census for 2021 went through series of stages when it comes to payment .

The first set was payment of training allowance to all field officers. Which was done.

The second phase was payment of 30% of the lump sum to all field officers. Enumerators and supervisors. Which has also be done.

The other phase is the payment of the 70% of the lump sum to all field officers ( enumerators and supervisors). This is paid when all items used for the census exercise is submitted.

Those who lost or broke some items were deducted for damages.

That’s the final payment for those who just did census without doing any extra work.

Extra payment

Extra payment is in two folds.
The first part has to do with all those who moved from their enumeration area to other areas outside their district mostly. Known as the External mop up.

For this, all those who worked within this areas were also paid their external monies (G-money. )

The second and Final one has to do with all those who worked more, especially after the deadline for listing, were still listing and after enumeration were still enumerating.

Some few who also finished on time were also deployed to other Supervisory areas to work, Do listing and enumeration. All these people are the ones waiting for their internal monies. has seen a receipt of payment of such internal monies.
If you have thrown your G-money sim away kindly go back for it and check your balance. The payment sited is 15th December, 2021 hence waiting patiently for yours for this Christmas is not a bad idea.

A lot is going on to check /confirm the list of  names, of those who actually worked.

Speaking with one of the senior officers whether enumerators and supervisors who did these internal mop up should be expecting their monies or should forget it, He assured Us nobody works with GSS without getting paid, He confirmed the lists are all being worked on and that all is done at the Headquarters.

We believed his assurance, as  on 15th December 2021 we have seen the G-Money alerts popping in for those who did the internal mop up.

The long awaited G-money has dropped. Good work done Ghana statistical service.

sample payment receipt made on 22 December 2021.



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