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Names published on the student loan website for defaulting-Full list of defaulters in Ghana

The student loan trust fund is a small loan given to tertiary students to help them complete their course. Its very worrying when one does not have enough resources to complete his/her education.

It becomes worse  too, to realize after school you are in the house and still student loan officials will be texting you and  calling you to pay for your loan.

The student loan after their few calls, goes ahead to publish your name on their website for not paying the loan or for defaulting the loan.


To check your name visit

The students loan official website, a pop up message appears, don’t close it scroll down and click on view list.

or click on the direct link down this page.

It takes time to load, you can search your name or your institution.


How your name can be removed, 

Call the students loan office immediately you see your name for the removal of your name if only you are not defaulting or you did not take any student loan.

If you are defaulting you must increase the amount you are paying to catch up or  deposit the difference.

One is given about 7 or more years to complete the repayment.

If you have not started paying, you do not need the lump sum plus interest to pay, you  can pay as low as Ghc 50 or even less when you get it. By the time you realize you are almost done.

Today you can do the repayment even through mobile money. Go to their official website for their banks to pay to.

How to pay with mobile money



Enter social security number

pop up will appear

Student loan payment for your full name     If correct,

Enter  Amount to pay, any amount.


a pop up is suppose to appear to enter your momo pin

If it does not, don’t be alarmed.

Dial Your mobile money code eg mtn *170#

Go to my wallet

My approvals

Enter your momo pin

It will appear there for approval.

After Approval you will be sent a message indicating whether it was successful or it has failed.

If Successful message will be 

STLF payment of GHS 50 made for your SNNIT number ( Your full name) using eg MTN MM wallet: phone number used to do payment completed successfully. 

If Failed message will be 

STLF payment of GHS 50 made for your SNNIT number ( Your full name) using eg MTN MM wallet: phone number used to do payment Failed. please Check Balance and try again.


You can also visit their  partner banks with your Social Security number to make payments



Visit your portal to check updates

To Visit  your portal, on the official website of the student loan click check my statement 

Then Login

All borrowers have an account already

What you can know from the portal

Dashboard shows

GHS 000000.00  Principal Amount      GHS       0,000.00    My Accrued Interest
GHS 0,000.00 My Repayment Amount                 GHS  0000.00 My Outstanding Amount
First Disbursement Date                                          Last Disbursement Date
First Repayment Date                                                 Last Repayment Date
Completion Date                                                           Repayment Start Date
Expected Repayment End Date
Monthly Installment. Amount you are to pay monthly.

Loan Defaulters

The following beneficiaries of the Students Loan are due for repayment. The borrowers are in default of their monthly installments or have not started repayment of their loans.

We are therefore asking the under-listed borrowers to repay the loan in order for others to access the fund.

The Trust Fund will publish the names of these defaulters and their respective amounts in the National dailies if they fail to repay their loans on time.

The above is the message that has been provided before the publication. That is not the end the Publication will also be done in the National News Papers. Kindly try to start repayment to avoid further worries.

Click the direct link to check your name.


You can also click the link below to visit the official webpage





Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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