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Guidelines for Completing the China Online Visa Application (COVA)

Guidelines for Completing the China Online Visa Application (COVA)

(I) When completing the COVA, you must use the “Back” or “Save and Next” buttons at the bottom of each page instead of the back/forward buttons on your browser.

(II) Please answer each question accurately. Questions marked (*) are mandatory. You have to answer all the mandatory questions on the page before proceeding to the next step. If some of these questions do not apply to you, please tick “Not Applicable” to proceed.

(III) Any inquiries on completing the COVA will be addressed by clicking the “Help” button on the upper right corner of the section.

(IV) By clicking the “Save” button found on the bottom of each page what you have completed up to that point will be saved for 30 days. To return to a partially completed application, please click the “Retrieve an Application” button on the homepage and enter your application ID and Passport/Travel Document Number.

(V) Please be sure that all information is complete and accurate before you click the “Submit” button. Once the application is submitted, you cannot make any changes.

(VI) Completing the 9-page COVA form online and clicking the “Submit” button does not necessarily mean your visa application has been delivered to the Chinese embassy/consulate. A printed and signed COVA form, together with the other necessary documentation, is still required when applying for a Chinese visa.

(VII) A visa appointment may be required by the Chinese embassy/consulate

Your application ID will be needed to book an appointment.

(VIII) Please fill in the form in Chinese or English.


Successfully submitting the COVA form online does not mean your application for a visa has been approved. Any decision pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas is made by the Chinese embassy/consulate, which may be inconsistent with your application.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for no less than 6 months.

How to Apply


Visit China Online Visa Application (COVA)

Where do you plan to apply for Chinese visa? Choose one Continent

Choose Country

After Reading the Instructions Click on Start Application

You will be given application ID, which is needed to retrieve your saved information and book a visa appointment. Please make a note of it.


Home Page

Personal Information

Type of Visa

Work Information


Family Information

Information About Your Intended Trip

Past Travel Information

Other Information





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