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The Highgate Parent Portal  is a secure online platform that the schools and educational institutions use to provide parents with access to information about their child’s education.

These includes;

Student Information: Parents can view their child’s attendance records, grades, assignments, and exam schedules.

Communication: The portal often provides a communication channel between teachers and parents. Messages, announcements, and newsletters can be shared through the portal.

Events and Activities: Information about upcoming school events, extracurricular activities, and school calendars can be accessed.

Progress Tracking: Parents can monitor their child’s academic progress and identify areas where additional support might be needed.

Resources: the portal offer educational resources, reading materials, and other tools to aid parents in supporting their child’s learning.

Fees and Payments: Parents can often pay school fees, purchase uniforms, and handle other financial transactions through the portal.

Personal Information: Parents can update contact details and emergency information as needed.

Attendance: Real-time attendance tracking allows parents to monitor their child’s attendance in school.

To login,

Go to your web browser,

Visit the Highgate School main website, Link Provided below.

Scroll down and click on parent Portal

provide your email and password to login

Parent Portal

Contact Highgate

4+ Telephone: 020 8347 2105
4+ Email:

7+ Telephone: 020 8347 4490
7+ Email:

11+ Telephone: 020 8347 3564
11+ Email:

16+ Telephone: 020 8347 3596
16+ Email:


Senior School and Sixth Form
Highgate School
North Road
London N6 4AY

Telephone: 020 8340 1524

highgate school building
Junior School
Highgate Junior School
3 Bishopswood Road
London N6 4PL

Telephone: 020 8340 9193

Highgate Junior School
Highgate Pre-Preparatory School
7 Bishopswood Road
London N6 4PH

Telephone: 020 8340 9196


The Highgate Portal

Help you plan ahead –  sets School calendar in advance, so you can see what is coming up
Not spam, messages are sent twice a week, tailored so you should only get emails of relevance to you and your child
Keep you up-to-date – with  regular parent-teacher evenings to discuss your child’s progress, while our social media accounts contain our latest news and events
Keep your child busy –

Support you and your child –

Feed your child well –

Provide information at the click of a button –

Help you get involved –


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