How to become a MoMo Merchant

How to become a MoMo Merchant

Becoming a momo merchant is a simple process. Simply follow the steps below to initiate your registration as a MoMo merchant

Registration process

Dial *5051#. (With the Business Owner’s MTN subscriber line)
Select Register and send.
Select your region in which you intend to operate and send.
You will receive a reference number via SMS.
Write the reference number received on the MoMo registration forms.
MTN MoMo Agent will call and also visit your location for inspection.
You must complete and submit the following forms for processing;
Registration Form – Agent/Merchant Form – Must complete with Company details, attach a copy of the business owner’s ID and also attach supporting documents: Business Registration Certificate, Certificate to Commence Business, Certificate of Incorporation, Form 3/Form A/Form C

Registration Form – Agent Account handler – Details of individual to handle the account and must attach a copy of any valid photo ID to the form

Authentication Questions – Business owner should complete only 10 out of the 21 questions

MTN MoMo Merchant Engagement Agreement – Complete and sign
Sim card will be ready within ten (10) working days after receiving all relevant documents from the prospective Merchant.



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