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Land Registry UK and Other Countries Portal

Land Registry UK and Other Countries Portal

A land registry, also known as a land register or cadastre, is a public record that documents the rights and ownership of land and real estate. It provides information about land parcels, their boundaries, ownership details, and any other rights or claims associated with the land.

The purpose of a land registry is to establish legal certainty and prevent fraudulent activity in land transactions. It ensures that only legitimate owners can transfer or trade their property and helps resolve any disputes or conflicts regarding land ownership.

Land Registry UK and Other Countries Portal

In many countries, land registries are maintained by government authorities or agencies responsible for managing land and property records. The information in the land registry is usually accessible to the public, allowing individuals to verify ownership and conduct property searches.

Land registries have become increasingly digitized in recent years, with many countries transitioning from manual paper-based systems to electronic databases.

This digital transformation allows for quicker and more efficient access to land information, reduces paperwork, and enhances transparency in land transactions.

Land Registry UK HM Portal

Search property ownership information
Title deeds
Search house prices
Business services and portal login
Searches, fees and forms (including AP1, TR1, OC1 and OC2)
Practice guides
Property boundaries
Registering land or property
Search for local land charges

UK HM Land Registry Portal

Land Registry UK and Other Countries Portal

Publication of notices of registration upon receipt of an application for registration;

Ghana lands commission website

Online land registration in Ghana

Registration of title to land and other interests in land;
Registration of deeds and other instruments affecting land in areas outside compulsory title registration districts;
Maintaining land registers that contains records of land and other interests in land.
Other functions determined by the Commission.

To check for Online Service Login and Check by signing into the Portal

Ghana lands commission website Portal

Use the Above Link to Access  Online land registration in Ghana


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