Man sends video message to Bank of Ghana on his intention to rob it

Man sends video message to Bank of Ghana on his intention to rob it

Unidentified Man Sends Threatening Message to Bank of Ghana, Urges Police and Soldiers to Prepare for Robbery

A video message from an unidentified man has been circulating on social media, causing alarm in Ghana.

In the video, the man directly addresses the Bank of Ghana, declaring his intention to rob the institution and issuing a warning to the Ghana Police and Soldiers.

The video has gained viral attention due to the man’s audacious threats and his confident demeanor.

He boldly states, “Tell the Ghana Police and the soldiers that, I am coming to the Bank of Ghana, I am coming with my squad to rob. So, they should prepare themselves to await our coming.”

The man concludes the video by urging viewers to share his message with the security services. He claims that he and his squad are armed with guns and ammunition and are determined to take all the money that has been gathered by the bank.

The Bank of Ghana, as well as the police and soldiers, are likely taking this threat seriously and making necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of the institution and its assets.

Man sends video message to Bank of Ghana on his intention to rob it

Does the bank of Ghana Keep money at its premises?

Yes, as the central bank of Ghana, the Bank of Ghana keeps money at its premises.

This includes both physical currency, such as coins and banknotes, as well as electronic entries in the bank’s accounts.

The bank ensures sufficient cash reserves to carry out its various functions, such as providing currency to commercial banks, managing the country’s monetary policy, and maintaining the stability of the financial system.


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Credit; Ghanaweb


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