Enjoying Free Electricity; JoyNews Expose a cartel involving ECG staff and security guards

Enjoying Free Electricity; JoyNews Expose a cartel involving ECG staff and security guards

JoyNews investigations have exposed a cartel involving ECG staff and security guards who counterfeit documents to sell unapproved meters to consumers at inflated prices. These meters, originally priced at GH¢800 cedis, are sold for as much as GH¢2,500 cedis by these individuals.

This illicit activity has led to the widespread use of fake meters and contributed to power theft.

JoyNews’ Kwetey Nartey uncovered how these actions enable consumers to enjoy free electricity without ECG’s knowledge.

This revelation comes after ECG’s Managing Director, Samuel Dubik, raised concerns about GH¢2.8 billion in losses due to illegal power connections.

The investigation reveals that the syndicate behind this activity includes corrupt ECG staff, contractors, and private security guards. They exploit the scarcity of meters and cumbersome processes.

The investigation found ECG employees like Abraham, Jerry, and Sammy involved in selling meters at inflated prices, promising faster acquisition. They transfer transactions to individuals willing to pay more, exacerbating the problem.

At the ECG Ashanti SBU headquarters, the chief security officer, George, admitted his role in the cartel and offered to facilitate meter acquisition for a fee of GH¢2,000.

JoyNews paid the full amount requested by Abraham and received a meter promptly, highlighting the ease with which illegal meters are obtained.


The JoyNews investigative team decided to visit ECG offices in three regions to ascertain the extent of the canker.

At the Accra East Regional Office and sub-transmission office near Makola, I met Abraham, an ECG staff at the meters office.

A separate meter that costs a little over GH¢800 cedis is sold by these individuals as high as GH¢2,500 cedis.


IG: What was the price you quoted for the meter you are trading?

Abraham: It will cost you GH¢2,000.

IG: Is it possible to reduce the amount being charged?

Abraham: No

IG: In what form should the transaction take? I will pay GH¢1,500, and pay the balance when the meter is fixed.

Abraham: That shouldn’t be a challenge.

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