Massive fire breaks out in skyscraper in Chinese city of Changsha

The Chinese city of Changsha saw a huge fire break out in a skyscraper on Friday resulting in a number of people getting injured. “Thick smoke is spewing from the site, and several dozen floors are burning ferociously,” the state broadcaster CCTV reported. However, they did not mention if there were any casualties and said that the firefighters were working to control the fire.“

Firefighters have begun work to extinguish the flames and conduct rescues at the scene.”

According to local reports, the building completely burned down in 20 minutes as around 35 tons of fuel for servers were stored in it.

The news outlet released a video on social media which showed huge flames engulfing parts of a building as black smoke surrounded the area. The voiceover in the video identified the building as an office of the state-owned telecommunications company called China Telecom.

Changsha city, which is the capital of the Hunan province in China, is a populous city and the incident caused major panic among the people in the area. A lot of users took to social media to share pictures of the fire from various angles as the authorities tried to control the situation.

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Meanwhile, China Telecom has come out with their statement on social media. “By 4:30 pm today, the fire at our No. 2 Communications Tower in Changsha has been extinguished. No casualties have yet been discovered and communications have not been cut off,” the statement read.

The AFP reported that the building was around 715-foot tall and was built in 2000. It is located near a major ring road and according to authorities, there have been a number of fires in the area.


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