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 New Curriculum for SHS, SHTS, and STEM Education Ready NaCCA’s Training Invitation

 New Curriculum for SHS, SHTS, and STEM Education Ready NaCCA’s Training Invitation

New Curriculum for SHS, SHTS, and STEM Education Ready NaCCA’s Training Invitation; The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has completed the process of drafting a new Curriculum for Senior High School (SHS), Senior High Technical School (SHTS), and Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Following discussions and direction from the Honorable Minister for Education, it has been agreed that, to ensure that the new curriculum is fit for purpose ahead of national roll-out in the 2024/25 academic year, GES and NaCCA should conduct a follow-up of the November 2022 curriculum trial in selected schools across the country.

GES and NaCCA have therefore been requested to work with twenty-eight (28) selected schools from thirteen (13) regions across the country from September 2023 to August 2024 on this trial. The aim of this trial is to test specific aspects of the curriculum to ensure the:

  • Appropriateness (relevance, depth, and breadth) of Year One curriculum content and supporting materials including Subject-Specific Teacher Manuals and Professional Learning Community (PLC) Handbooks.
  • Effectiveness and appropriateness of subject combinations, including the impact on learners’ workload and the way in which these combinations and options are communicated to learners, including identification of the gifted and talented and those learners who require remedial pathways.
  • Formative and summative assessment arrangements including introduction of school-level transcripts quality assured by NaCCA.
  • The availability of sufficient digital devices, digital technology integration, internet connectivity, and infrastructure to enable learners to access supporting curriculum materials.
  • Teachers’ preparedness and mastery of the integration of curriculum content, pedagogy, and assessment and readiness to use the Year One Subject-Specific Teacher Manuals.
  • Supportive monitoring and supervision from school leadership, district, region, and relevant national agencies, including the effective operation of school-based quality assurance systems.
  • The overall extent to which the new SHS, SHTS, and STEM curriculum are being implemented as planned (adherence) including learner engagement, quality of delivery, and incorporation of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and 21st Century Skills.


kick-off meeting

To do this, all twenty-eight (28) Senior High/Senior High Technical and STEM schools are being invited to a 3-day kick-off meeting. The details are as follows:

Arrival: Tuesday, 7th September, 2023
Meeting Dates: 8th to 10th September 2023
Departure: Monday, 11th September, 2023
Venue: Eastern Premier Hotel, Koforidua
Time: 9:00 am daily

By the letter, Regional Directors of Education are kindly requested to notify all selected schools and ensure the participants from the attached list attend.

Please note that all STEM Schools are staying an extra day and spending 4 days in all. This means that their check out will be Tuesday 12th September, 2023.

Annex One: List of Invited Schools and Participants

No. School Name No. of Participants
  1. | STEM Academy, Abomosu | 5
  2. | STEM SHS, Kpasenkpe | 5
  3. | Awaso STEM | 5
  4. | Bosomtwe Girls STEM, Deduako | 5
  5. | Bosomtwe STEM, Jachie | 5
  6. | Koase SHTS | 5
  7. | Lambussie Com. Day SHS | 2
  8. | Tatale E.P. Agric SHS | 2
  9. | Gambaga Girls SHS | 2
  10. | Bolga Sherigu | 2
  11. | Mangoase SHS | 2
  12. | Benso SHTS | 2
  13. | Bolgatanga SHS | 2
  14. | Ziavi Community STHS | 2
  15. | Ogyeedom Community SHTS | 2
  16. | Afia Kobi Ampem Girls SHS | 2
  17. | Ghana Secondary Technical School, Takoradi | 2
  18. | Methodist Girls, Mamfe | 2
  19. | KNUST Senior High | 2
  20. | Achimota School | 2
  21. | Jinijini SHS | 2
  22. | Fijai SHS | 2
  23. | Koforidua SHTS | 2
  24. | Ahafoman SHS | 2
  25. | Uthmaniya Senior High, Tafo | 2
  26. | Opoku Ware School | 2
  27. | Prempeh College | 2
  28. | Accra High School | 2






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