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Deputy Director DD Promotion Aptitude Questions and Answers Try 2






  1. Which of the following best illustrates a teacher applying a constructivist approach student learning?
  2. A language arts teacher provides students with a concrete reward each time they turn in a written assignments that is free of errors
  3. A math teacher has students use hands-on materials and real world problems to acquire new concepts and practice skills.
  4. A Science teacher demonstrate the correct procedures for performing complex experiments before having students perform and experiments.
  5. A social studies teacher uses visual aids and logical progression of ideas when presenting lessons about new or unfamiliar topics


  1. A JHS teacher gives students a term project that involves various activities such as conducting a research, interviewing people, writing a report and making a group presentation in class. Which of the following strategies should the teacher use to help the students successfully carry out their projects?
  2. Explaining to students how the objectives of the project fit into a large instructional plan.
  3. Organizing project tasks step-by-step sequence and providing students with directions and reminders for completing each step.
  4. Putting students into groups and scheduling regular times for them to meet
  5. Reassuring students that they possess all of the skills and abilities needed to complete the projects tasks.


  1. In a typical teaching and learning environment, students are most likely to be intrinsically motivated to learn when they …
  2. Anticipate that they will receive positive rewards for achieving instructional objectives.
  3. Are interested in what they are learning and understands how it relates to their on lives
  4. Know that they will be writing a test or examination in the near future
  5. Perceive that their performance compares favorably with that of peers engaged in the same tasks.


  1. The free SHS programme in Ghana is funded by the …….
  2. Annual Budget Funding Amount
  3. Chinese Government
  4. Ghana Education Service
  5. Scholarship Secretariat


  1. Alhaji Musa has recently been appointed as the head of educational institution. Upon assuming duty, he thought of carving a statement of the school. This statement will provide a dramatic look at what the entire school will be like at a distant point in the future, say five to ten years. This statement is called a/an …
  2. Mission statement
  3. Operations statement
  4. Target statement
  5. Visoin statement


  1. Which of the following statement about effective classroom management is false?

Classroom management involves …….

  1. Planning ahead of the first day of class
  2. Teachers having at least four rules to guide them.
  3. The difference between clam productivity and total class disorder
  4. The same strategies but may vary in the techniques used for each class


  1. Global citizenship education is a form of … that involves students’ active participation in projects that address global issues of social, political and economic development.
  2. Civic Education
  3. Civic learning
  4. Global awareness
  5. Global culture


  1. Which of the following firms that quality is at he heart of education and therefore sets out the desirable characteristics for the various components or quality education learners, content and systems?
  2. Global Education Policy Dashboard
  3. Salamanca Statement and Frame for Action
  4. World Bank Education Strategy
  5. 2000 Dakar Framework for Action


  1. Which of the following in Ghana has the objective of equitable educational opportunity and and the prioritization of the disadvantage in society?
  2. Disability Law
  3. Inclusive education system
  4. Right to Education Principle
  5. Special Education Provision


  1. When making important administrative decisions, it helps to ……
  2. Enlist advance from the assistant school head
  3. Give teachers a chance to make their contributions
  4. Implement changes as quickly as possible
  5. Reward teachers who adapt more quickly


  1. The standard specified in the content of the new GES Curriculum Basic schools, adopted for the implementation in September 2019 in Ghana, are based on not only Ghana as a nation requires from its workforce, but also on demands on globalization. At the points of exit, it is expected that graduates for the curriculum will have attained knowledge and skills that allow them to compare in the international job market.

which of the following goals of curriculum development is this reflected in?

  1. Better Ghana Agenda
  2. Development of a sense of civic responsibility.
  3. Global competitive Ghanaian workforce
  4. Preservation of national resource and cultural values


  1. Ensuring high teacher morale is important because teachers with high moral …..
  2. Are more likely to remain on the job in spite of challenges
  3. Are rewarded on their efforts
  4. Ask more interesting questions of their students
  5. Produce higher test scores


  1. During teacher evaluation circuit supervisor or school heads needs to take objective evidence-based notes to share with teachers in post-observation and use them to guide the discussions. Which of the following statement best illustrates such notes?
  2. In class of 42, the teachers calls on one student to answer four out of ten questions asked.
  3. The teacher is highly responsive to the cultural and other types of student diversities in the class.
  4. The teacher makes little or no effort to make instruction relevant to student interest and needs
  5. Throughout the lesson, the teacher uses variety of strategies to monitor students understanding.


  1. A school head is about to take over leadership of a low-performing school. One of the schools head’s first goals will be to evaluate teacher quality in the school. The school head can best begin this process by
  2. Arranging to observe instruction each class.
  3. Comparing students grades in each subject area across classrooms
  4. Having each teacher complete a teacher self-evaluation.
  5. Interviewing each teacher about his or her teaching practices.
  6. The basic assumption that supervision has an expert tag attached to it means the supervisor…
  7. Must have a PhD qualification
  8. Should ensure students have the requisite qualifications before they are admitted qualifications before they are admitted.
  9. Should ensure that teachers that teachers have the minimum academic qualification.
  10. Should ensure that teachers have lots workload.


  1. A school head has been transferred to a falling school. In order to turn it around the school head can best avoid early mistakes and promote a smooth transition by taking which of the following actions first?
  2. Communicating a willingness to refer initially to the experience and judgement of long-time school.
  3. Holding discussions with many stake holders to learn about local values, views and priorities.
  4. Presenting for discussion on a comprehensive, research-supported plan for improved student achievement .
  5. Seeking information from the previous school head about leadership strategies that did and did not work at school.


  1. Which one of the following factors should an educator consider as the important when evaluating a programme?
  2. The cost involved in carrying out the evaluation of the programme.
  3. The uses of the evaluation results.
  4. Where and when the evaluation will take place
  5. Who the stakeholders of the programme are.


  1. Which one of the following actions would you take in order to attain a high level of constituency in scoring students’ responses to assessment tasks? By …
  2. Constantly following the scoring guide as the scripts are graded.
  3. Grading responses for all items for each script before the next script.
  4. Regularly referring to a previously scored items when scoring new items
  5. Scoring the response based on the knowledge of students’ identity.


  1. A student-teacher who had grade b+ in assessment in school could not write good items for an end-of-term examination. The head teacher of the school, therefore, questioned the teacher as to whether he really took part in the assessment course. Which one of the following characteristics of a good test might have informed the the head teacher’s question?
  2. Normality
  3. Objectivity
  4. Reliability
  5. Validity


  1. Which of the following purposes of assessment is often associated with letter, grade or number?
  2. Assessment as Learning
  3. Assessment for Learning
  4. Assessment from learning
  5. Assessment of learning


  1. A criterion-referenced assessment would most likely to used to …….
  2. Decide a student’s position in integrated science end-of-term examination.
  3. Determines if the student qualifies for special-education service.
  4. Determine whether an individual student is meeting curriculum standards.
  5. Select a student for government scholarship


  1. Which of the following statement is/are false?
  2. It is easy to achieve the broad national goals of education when curriculum development is decentralized.
  3. Students who follow a decentralized curriculum in deprived school districts are likely to be disadvantaged in the market.
  4. I only
  5. II only
  6. Both I and II
  7. Neither I nor II


  1. The following constitute special units under the GES excepts ……
  2. Girls Education Units
  3. Region and Culture Unit
  4. Science Resource Centre
  5. School Health Education Programme


  1. The tenure of office of members of GES council is …..
  2. Five years
  3. Six years
  4. Three years
  5. Two years


  1. The components of the capitation Grants include all the following except ….
  2. Improving access
  3. Non-teaching Staff
  4. School facilities


  1. Transfer Grants payable is equivalent to …….
  2. Two-month gross salary
  3. Two-month net salary
  4. One-month net salary
  5. One-month gross salary


  1. The government of Ghana mainstreamed KG into basic education in line with the recommendations of the ….
  2. Dakar world forum for education
  3. Early childhood committee
  4. Education 2030 agenda
  5. UNESCO Forum


  1. The role of the School Management Committees (SMCs) and head in the management of capitation grant are all the following except to ensure …..
  2. Accountability of funds used.
  3. Effective utilization of the capitation grant
  4. Implementation of activities provided in the SPIP.
  5. School opens a special bank account.


  1. In the computerized schools’ selection and placement system, all the following are used except the score of ….
  2. All subjects taken by BECE candidates
  3. BECE candidates and not grades
  4. BECE candidates’ core subjects
  5. Two best subjects of BECE candidates


  1. The main purpose of the policy on girl-child education by government is to ensure that
  2. All girls of school-going age go to and stay in school.

B.All girls of school-going age register in school.

C.Girls in rural areas have equal access to school

  1. Teenage pregnancy is eliminated


  1. The scheme of service of teachers refers to the …….
  2. Activities of the teachers for the term approved for the school head
  3. Outline of lesson plans presented to circuit supervisors
  4. Scheme of work prepares by the teacher for the term
  5. Various ranks a teacher passes through in the teaching profession


  1. One of the students of a class hardly talks in the class. How would you encourage him to express himself?
  2. By encouraging children to take part in activities
  3. By giving good marks to those who express themselves well
  4. By organizing discussions around classroom activities
  5. By organizing educational games programme which will children feel like speaking.


  1. A teacher to use appropriate methods techniques and sounds principles of learning such as …
  2. Building past learning or previous knowledge and positive reinforcement.
  3. Providing guidance and practice class before independent practice.
  • Motivating and sustaining pupils interest
  1. Involving each learner teaching/learning process .
  2. Distributing evaluating questions
  3. I, II and III only
  4. I, II, III and V only
  5. I, II ,III, IV and V
  6. II and III only


  1. A curriculum is the sum-total of a schools’ efforts to influence a child’s….
  2. Behaviour
  3. Course
  4. Design
  5. Logical sequence


  1. Which of the following is a teacher-centered model that focus on students activities being guided by the teacher?
  2. Directive model
  3. Indirect model
  4. Pedagogical model
  5. Thinking model


  1. Any methods of teaching which involves two or more students,can be termed as
  2. Class task
  3. Class work
  4. Group task
  5. Group work





  1. Evidence of a positive school ethos includes consistent shared values and standards.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. It is important that circuit supervisors keep their teachers’ lesson plans notebooks.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Students learn best in multitude of ways rather than dominant means.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. The competency-based training curriculum delivery methodology is suitable for TVET training at second cycle level of education.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Every goal in the 2030 agenda education to empower people with with the knowledge,skills, and values to live in dignity, build their lives and contribute to the societies.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. A head promoting a professional learning community can lead to sense of competition among teachers in the school.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. As a supervisor, consulting your staff in advance when developing a plan may direct your attention to potential pitfalls.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. The need for a supervisor to engage in a human relations angle of supervision means that the supervisor should be involve in problem solving and learner-center education.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. In main streaming special education students, it is important they experience an educational environment that reinforces the difference between special education and general education students.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. The school head should ensure that paid vouchers are numbered sequentially and entered same in the log book and properly filled.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Climate change, Environmental Education for Sustainable development have become major tools for protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Even though homework is important in instructional system and therefore teachers mus give homework as part of their instructional process, it is not scored as part of school-based Assessment in Ghana.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. A teacher must test his/her students when assessing them.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Objective test cannot be used to assess higher thinking abilities.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Within the GES structure, decision making takes place only within the GES council.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Transfer within the GES is an external exercise.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. The GES Act 1995 [Act 506] and the Education Act 2008 [Act 877] are statutes that are directly related to the functions of GES.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. IN 1974, the new structure and content of education was introduced which brought about the JSS concept implemented on pilot basis from 1976 to 1987.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. The Ministry of Education’s main mandate is to formulate education policies. A legal incident in this mandate is monitoring and evaluating the performance.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. Legitimate power of a school head is conferred by his/her appointment to the position and therefore can exert administrative authority.
  2. True
  3. False




  1. According to Skinnerian Ope-rant Conditioning Theory, a negative reinforcement is …………

ANS: Avoiding an undesirable stimulus to increase likelihood of a behaviour.


  1. In classroom management, the teachers’ strategies and techniques must be varied ………

ANS: Varied


  1. The ultimate purpose of supervision is to ensure ……….

ANS: Advancement of child welfare.


  1. Which Sustainable development goal is directly related to education?

ANS: Goal 4


  1. What does the Sustainable Development Goal which is directly relates to education State?

ANS: ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all


  1. The CSSPS seeks to improve the manual the system of selection and placement of qualified BECE candidates into public and private senior high schools, technical and vocational institutes by………..

ANS: The Ghana Education Service


  1. The united Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24th January as international day of Education,

In celebration of the role of ………..

ANS: education for peace and development.


  1. The rational of education planning in our education system is ………..

ANS: Access, Equity, and Quality


  1. The primary role of mentoring teacher in the school of the pre -service teacher is most appropriately described as ……….

ANS: Mentoring

  1. The basic purpose of instructional supervision is for ………….

ANS: Effective teaching and learning


  1. When the school head directs an investigation into suspected fraud the only authorities to impose sanctions are………..

ANS: The school management Committee and Board of Governors


  1. The method of obtaining information to judge the worth of a curriculum whiles it is being implemented is known as …………

ANS: Curriculum Evaluation


  1. The ability for students to use an appropriate rule or principle to help him/her solve a problem without being promoted is specified in the cognitive domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy as …………

ANS: Applying or Application


  1. The type of assessment which is used to determine students’ strengths and weakness fro correction and remediation is known as ……

ANS: Diagnostic Assessment


  1. In the chain of command of the GES headquarters, the Director-General is the Chief executive accountable to the ………

ANS: Ghana Education Service Council


  1. What is the core function of the National Inspectorate Board?

ANS: to undertake school inspection, evaluate schools as well as set and enforce standards


  1. The main role of the education sector analysis (ESA) is to ……….

ANS: Identify the progress made in the pre- tertiary institutions


  1. The GES was established in the year 1974 as a national organization under the ministry of Education (MOE) by the ………. of 1995.

ANS: Act 506


  1. It is important for teachers to know the code of conduct because …….

ANS: It provides guidance for teachers in the performance of their duties.




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