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NTC Release Timetable for GTLE 2022- This is what Invigilators search for During the Exams

The National Teaching council has released 2022 GTLE Timetable.


Monday Literacy from 9:00am to 10:25am  Duration 1hr 25mins


Monday Essential professional Skills 1:00pm to 2:15pm  Duration of 1hr 15mins

Tuesday Numeracy  from 9:00am to 10:30am  Duration of 1hr 30mins

All candidates are to be seated by 30 minutes before the start of the paper, Do not forget your ID cards and Print out.

This is what Invigilators search for During the Exams 

Any foreign material on you during the Exams

Some, during my time of invigilation, we  wait for apor thus leaked papers, we are also on WhatsApp  and some of you will definitely send the questions and we will also receive it,

I could remember we arrested some candidates  at my Centre for this,

It is not all those that are writing the Exams that are real hence NTC will have to verify each and everyone by person.  To avoid impersonation.

Please during sorting we realized some candidates did not even put down their index numbers and we had to chase some of you by the arrangement to just come and put down your Index numbers, Remember to put yours down

Please note NTC will not be held liable for any missing Item including Phones and money, protect your property.

All the Best. 

NTC Changes Date For EXAMINATION (GTLE) 2022; The exams is now scheduled for Monday

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