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Headmaster on the run for  chopping students’ BECE Registration fees and failing to register them

Headmaster on the run for  chopping students’ BECE Registration fees and failing to register them

The students of BuduAtta have faced a shocking betrayal as their headmaster, Mr. Richard Ahanugbe, allegedly squandered their BECE registration fees without registering them for the exam.

This distressing incident came to light when students arrived at the exams center only to discover that their names and index numbers were missing from the student’s list.

Heartbroken and inconsolable, the devastated one of the student was seen crying, with her parents offering support during this difficult time.

In an interview with Adom TV, the family expressed their disappointment and frustration over the headmaster’s irresponsible actions.

This incident has sparked outrage within the community. Town members are appalled by what has happened and have extended their sympathy and encouragement to the affected student.

Teachers, too, are angry, as this behavior is reportedly not out of character for Mr. Ahanugbe. One teacher revealed that a student had paid approximately 400 cedis for registration, and when they catch the headmaster, violence is not their intention; they simply wish to push him around small.

On the Run

Since the incident, Mr. Ahanugbe has been nowhere to be found. Preliminary reports suggest that on the eve of the exams, he visited some parents’ homes to inform them of his actions.

The amount paid by the students, which included registration fees and mock exams, totals around 400 cedis. It is worth noting that the government has made it clear that basic education is free, making this situation even more disheartening.


The headmaster, in a shocking response, claimed that it was the work of the devil and promised to register the students the following year. However, this excuse did little to alleviate the concerns of the parents and teachers. The Director of Education and others have attempted to reach Mr. Ahanugbe, but he continuously assures them that he will be coming without actually appearing at the school.

The frustration among the teachers is evident, as some simply want the headmaster to address the parents and offer an explanation for his actions. The consequences of this incident extend beyond the affected students and families, as it poses a significant setback to the education system.

As the nation grapples with this distressing situation, it is evident that immediate action is needed to hold Mr. Ahanugbe accountable for his actions. The future of the affected students cannot be compromised, and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure that justice is served.

Source; AdomTv  FACEBOOK

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