Nurse Practitioner Salary and Duties 2024

Nurse Practitioner Salary and Duties

Most people and institutions prefer to keep their salaries secret, but mostly it doesn’t stay that way.

The salary information is very important to job seekers and Students. Today most people don’t just do courses, they go in with all they have on programs that pay. Before choosing a course at the university most students will search the salary of such professionals before taking them.

Sometimes even without checking the salary your parents quickly tell you not to become a certain professional, this is because looking at their lifestyle, it seems they are not making it and not just one but many.

Having insight into the salary range will help you make certain informed choices.

The question that may beat you in an interview room will be ” How much do you want us to pay you”? Or what’s your salary expectation?  When you mention too high an amount you may lose the offer, if you mention something too small they may give you the job and you start regreting almost immediately.

So before you go, Search for the salary and have an idea.

A Nurse Practitioner salary in the United States is $150,700 , it actually ranges between $120,824 and $200,429.

In Ghana a Nurse Practitioner earns around GHS 4,500 to GHS 6,500, this varies depending on the hospital you are working and your years of experience.

Duties of a Nurse Practitioner

Record health histories
Provide complete physical examinations
Diagnose and treat many common acute and chronic problems
Interpret lab results and X-rays
Prescribe and manage medications and therapies
Provide teaching and counseling to support healthy lifestyle behaviors
Refer patients to other health professionals as needed


Nurse practitioners generally specialize in one of eight specializations, categorized by population, including:

Adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner
Adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner
Family nurse practitioner
Neonatal nurse practitioner
Pediatric acute care nurse practitioner
Pediatric primary care nurse practitioner
Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner
Women’s health nurse practitioner


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