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Physics WASSCE marking Scheme Part 1

Since WASSCE is over, we  have put together the marking schemes of the subjects written starting with physics. this initiative is to help students in high school currently.

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  1. Base Unit of G- this question asks you to find the base unit of G using dimensional analysis proving your answer along the way.[G]= [R]3/[M].[T]2[G]= L3/MT2 OR [G]=M-1L3T-2Base unit of G is kg-1m3s-2
  2. Expression for strain, stress and modulus of elasticity- here, you are to write the expression for strain, stress and combine both to find young’s modulus.(a)strain=e/L(b)stress=F/A(c)Modulus of elasticity= F/A/e/L=Fl/Ae
  3. Maximum height reached by the body- This is a projection question asking you to find the maximum height reached by a projected body. h= 20t-49/10t2                    compared to (1) h = ut-1/2gt2u=20 ms-2  1/2g=49/10g=9.8m/s2hmax =u2/2ghmax=202/2(9.8)hmax=20.4m

    4.Angle of projection- still, your dynamics and projection knowledge is tested. you have to find the angle of projection of a body.

  4. H=u2sin2ɵ/2g5.2= 202sin2ɵ/2(10)sin2ɵ= (5.2*2*10/202)1/2                    ɵ=30.7°
  5. Now on to the straight forward questions.
    1. Industrial applications of magnets

    They are used;

    • to reset the index in maximum/minimum thermometers.
    • as magnetic dust in doors of refrigerators/fridges/freezers.
    • to pick up stray needles/pins/iron metals.
    • to post notices on magnetic boards. in loudspeakers.
    • to lift heavy magnetic materials.
    • in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    in ammeter/voltmeter

  6.   Characteristics of Laser lights:
    • it is monochromatic consists of one colour/ wavelength
    • it is coherent / all points are in phase
    • it is collimated / all points travel in the same / specific direction
    • intensity remains constant with distance
  1. (a) Doping: The addition of impurities into the (lattice structure of) semiconductor

(b) Effect of donor impurities on semiconductor

  • produce excess/additional electrons
  • increase the electrical conductivity

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