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Fresh Guidelines for PLC During the WASSCE Period


14th August 2023. Fresh Guidelines for PLC During the WASSCE Period; Looking forward to a break from your PLC sessions during the WASSCE period? Unfortunately, that won’t be happening. Recent information received by teachers confirms that the PLC sessions will continue running parallel to the WASSCE examinations.

Here are the fresh guidelines set by the PLC HQ Organizers team:


As we approach the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) period, we would like to provide you with some important updates and guidelines to ensure a smooth and effective educational experience for both students and staff.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Session Schedule during the WASSCE Period

During the WASSCE period, there will be no break for the Professional Learning Community (PLC) session. However, schools have the freedom to select different days and times to conduct the session. School management is requested to carefully examine their weekly WASSCE schedule and identify available days for scheduling the PLC session. If the week is already fully occupied, the session can be shifted to the following week.

Encouraging schools with large staff sizes to practice departmental organization of PLC sessions

It is recommended that schools with a significant number of teachers implement the departmental organization of PLC sessions.

The PLC coordinators should provide training to the Heads of Departments (HODs) to ensure the effective facilitation of departmental sessions and promote professional collaboration.

School Improvement Advisers Visits and Activities

Experienced educators have been selected by GES to act as School Improvement Advisers (SIAs) to assist SHS, SHTS, and STEM Schools in implementing their School Improvement Plans and organizing Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions. These SIAs may include retired Education directors and lecturers from universities and colleges of education.

The SIAs will begin their visits to your school in the upcoming week starting from August 14th, 2023.

Your cooperation in facilitating these activities is greatly appreciated.

Critical Friend Session Briefings:

It is crucial to integrate Critical Friend session briefings into your PLC sessions, as emphasized in the handbook for each session. that can be found as the first activity in the handbook for each session. This approach fosters a constructive feedback culture and encourages peer support, ultimately facilitating the professional development of our teaching staff.

 Formation of the Lesson Observation Team and Lesson Observation:

To enhance the overall quality of education, schools should establish a Lesson Observation Team under the guidance of the Assistant Head Academic. Comprising skilled and committed educators, this team will conduct lesson observations using the designated tool provided in the PLC Handbook for Teachers (page 134).

Access Handbook and other Resources Here PLC Topics for Teachers in Ghana and NTS

Remediation for PLC Absentees and Reporting:*

To address the issue of teachers missing PLC sessions due to official assignments, schools should arrange remedial sessions.
Utilize the KoboCollect app to report on these remedial activities, enabling effective monitoring of progress and ensuring comprehensive professional development opportunities for all teachers.


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