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UST Grading System 2024

UST Grading System

The University of Santo Tomas employs a 5-point numerical grading system to assess and record students’ academic performance.

Policy Guidelines and Procedures

At the conclusion of each term, student performance will be evaluated using the following 5-point numerical grading system:
1.00 = 96% – 100% (Excellent)
1.25 = 94% – 95% (Very Good)
1.50 = 92% – 93% (Very Good)
1.75 = 89% – 91% (Good)
2.00 = 87% – 88% (Good)
2.25 = 84% – 86% (Good)
2.50 = 82% – 83% (Fair)
2.75 = 79% – 81% (Fair)
3.00 = 75% – 78% (Passed)
5.00 = Failed
FA = Failure due to Absences
WP = Withdrew with Permission
WF = Withdrew without Permission

A grade of INC. (Incomplete) will be assigned to students who are unable to take final examinations or submit a major course requirement due to valid reasons, including illness.

The grade INP. (In progress) will be used when students are actively engaged in an ongoing project, requirement, or individual lesson, particularly in cases like Conservatory of Music (Applied Music). However, INP. is only designated as a Prelims grade in courses such as on-the-job training, immersion, or practicum.

Students dissatisfied with a grade awarded by their professors may submit a written protest or complaint to the Office of the Dean within one week of receiving their grades. The Dean will then request the Faculty Member to provide a rationale for the assigned grade. If it is determined that an error was made, the Dean will take appropriate action within a week after reviewing the faculty member’s grading basis.

Colleges and faculties are required to conduct a deliberation session prior to grade input for students in the 1st through 4th/5th year levels. This deliberation is led by the Dean and involves the Chairperson/Coordinator of the program and all faculty members handling classes for graduating students.

As a standard practice, students are expected to present and defend their theses within the university.



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