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WAEC Briefing today on the conduct of 2023 WASSCE and BECE

WAEC Briefing today on the conduct of 2023 WASSCE and BECE

2nd August 2023. Today, a WAEC briefing was held to provide information on the conduct of the 2023 WASSCE and BECE. The briefing aimed to keep the public and stakeholders well-informed about the WASSCE, and BECE for schools and private candidates.


A total of 600,714 candidates
Males are 300,323
Females are 300,391
18,993 Schools

A total of 447,204 candidates
Males are 211,834
Female are 235,370
834 centres

The WASCE for school candidates for 2023 began on Monday 31st July 2023 with the virtual art project work. Students were given the question paper for the paper two weeks prior to the exams. This component of the exams will conclude on 18th August 2023, then the theory papers Start.

Several pre-exam activities have been conducted by WAEC, including sensitization of candidates throughout the country.

For BECE, clusters of schools were grouped, and sensitized.

WASSCE sensitization was also conducted.

Exams Outline

Exams Security

Police will be guiding all depots of papers throughout the exams.

The NIB and security agents have been involved in ensuring the secure printing of papers, with 24-hour guard by the Ghana Police service at all depots.

Distribution of materials

The council has distributed pencils and necessary items for the examination.

Answer cards and booklets have already been sent to educational offices by WAEC.

Briefing sessions have been held for invigilators and supervisors, and supervisors will provide further briefings to invigilators during each paper at the Centres..

The WASSCE briefing began on 31st July and will end on 2nd August 2023.

BECE depot keepers were appointed with ranks not below GES rank of Assistant Director

Special Education need candidates

Measures have been taken to make the examination accessible to candidates with special education needs.

Computers and braille materials have been provided for visually impaired candidates, and special mechanisms have been implemented for physically challenged candidates.

Some questions have been serialized, and the final timetables for the exams are available on the council’s website.

WAEC Releases 2023 BECE Timetable pdf / word Doc

2023 WASSCE Timetable pdf All New

Revised Rules

Revised Examination Rules for 2023 WASSCE

The Revised Examination Rules for 2023 BECE

Revised rules for the 2023 exams can also be found on the WAEC official website. One strict rule is the ban on the usage of mobile phones in examination halls for supervisors, invigilators, and candidates.

Purported WAEC confirmed Topics

WAEC has not sanctioned any confirmed topics and warns against relying on purported WAEC topics found on rogue websites.

The council strongly advises students to focus on learning and passing their examinations and to avoid fraudulent websites that publish fake questions.

Naming and Shaming

WAEC vows to name and shame schools that have taken money from candidates by promising them assistance during the exams.

WAEC Monitors

The WAEC monitors will have special cards, and supervisors are required to inspect these cards to prevent impersonation.

Registering JHS 1 and 2 Students

The council also spoke about the registration of non -qualified students, where parents takes their wards from JHS, 1, or 2 in a private school to write the paper, the council says it’s investigating all such cases and will cancel their papers. Parents are advice not to subject their wards to that effect.

WAEC Briefing today on the conduct of 2023 WASSCE and BECE


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