Where Queen Elizabeth II will Be buried

The Queen mother after the funeral ceremony in Buckingham Palace, will be driven to Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried in Windsor together with her husband, Prince Philip, who died in 2021.

After a committal service at 11 a.m. ET, attended by current and former members of the royal household, a private burial will take place in the King George VI Memorial Chapel on Monday evening, conducted by the Dean of Windsor and attended by members of the royal family.

The queen’s father, King George VI, and her mother and sister are also buried in that chapel.

The Lord Chamberlain, the head of the queen’s household, will break his white wand of office over the coffin to symbolize that his work is done. The coffin will descend into the royal vault as the Dean of Windsor reads Psalm 103, “Go forth upon thy journey from this world, O Christian soul.” There, in a private family service later this evening, she will be laid to rest next to her late husband Prince Philip.

The casket of Prince Philip, who is currently buried in the vault of St. George’s Chapel will be moved to be buried alongside the queen, as planned, after his funeral last year.

There are many world leaders present at the event.

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