Dubai Job Fraud – Fake Agents Caught Pleading for Mercy | Read and Don’t Fall For Their Scams

Dubai Job Fraud – Fake Agents Caught Pleading for Mercy | Read and Don’t Fall For Their Scams

September 10, 2023 -The Dubai Job Scam seems to becoming too much.  In a dramatic turn of events, a group of Ghanaian nationals residing in Dubai apprehended an agent who had allegedly scammed them with false job promises and attempted to flee the city.

Approximately ten Ghanaians confronted the agent, whom they claimed had accepted money from them in exchange for securing lucrative employment opportunities upon their arrival in Dubai. The incident, caught on video and shared by Ghanaians Citizen TV on Facebook, unfolded on Sunday, September 10, 2023, as the aggrieved individuals wrestled with the agent.

One of the affected individuals, gripping the agent’s shirt, exclaimed, “You said you were going to give me a job; you have made me come to stay here to waste my money.” Another man chimed in, questioning the agent’s authenticity, saying, “You said you have jobs; you don’t have any job but you come to lie to us. Are you an agent?”

The group cornered the purported agent in a room as he pleaded for mercy.


Growing Trend of Job-Related Scam

This incident serves as yet another cautionary tale in a growing trend of job-related scams plaguing the international community.

Such scams have victimized individuals from various countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, India, and Ghana. These fraudulent schemes often require victims to sell their assets and purchase plane tickets, only to be left stranded in Dubai without the promised job placements.

August 2020 Incident

In a particularly egregious case in August 2022, a fake travel agent in Accra, Ghana, was arrested for orchestrating a fraudulent scheme targeting hopeful travelers seeking relocation and job opportunities in Dubai. The imposter convinced numerous Ghanaians of promising employment prospects in Dubai, soliciting substantial upfront payments with assurances of securing job positions and accommodation.

However, upon arriving at Dubai International Airport, the disillusioned travelers found themselves without the promised assistance. Desperate attempts to contact the deceptive agent proved futile, leaving them stranded and distraught.

The fake agent’s scheme began to unravel when some victims managed to communicate their plight to their families in Ghana. An enraged woman confronted the swindler in person, capturing the confrontation on video and sharing it widely on social media.

Modus Operandi

To protect themselves from such scams, individuals are urged to remain vigilant and educate themselves about common fraud tactics employed by these agents.

The scammers often impersonate legitimate companies and demand payments for clothing and other expenses, which they claim will be deducted from the first paycheck.

Additionally, they may attempt to blackmail victims with sensitive information or offer fake job placements with fraudulent documents.

Search and Read More

In light of these ongoing scams, individuals are strongly encouraged to research and stay informed about these deceptive practices to recognize them when encountered. Remain cautious, as scammers employ various tactics to exploit unsuspecting job seekers.

Click Here to Watch the Arrest of some of the Fake Agents; VIDEO CLICK HERE SEEKERS NEWS GH

Dubai Job Fraud – Fake Agents Caught Pleading for Mercy | Read and Don’t Fall For Their Scams


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