Zimbabwe National Army Recruitment ZNA 2024



The Zimbabwe National Army is recruiting suitably qualified candidates who are Zimbabwean citizens and physically fit to join the Organisation and serve in the following trades:


  • Estate Managers
    • Diploma in Estate Management and Evaluation.
    • Diploma in Rural and Urban Planning.
  • Rig Operators
    • NC/ Diploma in Rig Operation.
  • Estate Evaluators
    • Diploma or Degree in Estate Evaluation and Management.
  • Refrigeration Technicians
    • NC/Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
    • Apprenticeship Trained.
  • Machinists
    • NC/ Diploma in Machine Shop Engineering or Instrument Tech.
  • Tailors
    • Diploma in Garment Fabrication and Textile Design.


  • Spray Painters
    • NC/Diploma in Spray Painting.
    • Journeyman (Class One).
  • Directors of Music
    • Diploma/Degree in Music.
    • Must have taken a Conducting Course.
  • Rehab Technicians
    • Diploma in Rehab Tech.
  • Sound Engineers
    • NC in Sound/Audio Engineering.
  • X Ray Operators
    • Cert/Diploma in Radiography and X-Ray Op.
  • Musicians
    • Ability to play Dance Band instruments.
    • (‘O’ Level Mathematics Exempted)
  • Psychologists
    • Diploma in Psychology.
  • Journalists
    • Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism.
    • Degree in Media Studies and Journalism.
  • Sign Writers
    • Diploma in Commercial Designing.
  • Web Designers
    • NC/ Diploma in Web Designing.
    • NC/ Diploma in Graphic Art and Designing.
  • Bricklayers
    • Artisan (Class One).
  • Plasterers
    • Artisan (Class One).
  • Tilers
    • Artisan (Class One).
  • Quantity Surveyors
    • Diploma in Quantity Surveying.
  • Chemistry Teachers
    • Diploma/BSC/BED.
  • Physics Teachers
    • Diploma/BSC/BED.
  • Biology Teachers
    • Diploma/BSC/BED.
  • Heat Treatment Technicians
    • National Cert / Diploma in Heat Treatment.
    • Journeyman (Class One).
  • Trimmers
    • Certificate in Trimming and Upholstery.
    • Journeyman (Class Three).
  • Motor Cycle Mechanics
    • Certificate in Motor Cycle Mechanics.
    • Journeyman (Class Three).
  • Fitters and Turners
    • NC/ Dip in Fitting and Turning/Millwright Tech/Precision Machinist.
    • Journeyman (Class One).
  • Assistant Chaplains
    • NC/ Diploma in Theology.
  • Undertakers
    • NC in Undertaking.
  • Radio Technicians
    • NC/ Dip in Radio Tech Engineering.
  • Power Technicians
    • NC/ Dip in Electrical or Electronic Power Engineering.
  • Programmers
    • N C / D i p l o m a i n C o m p S c i e n c e / S o f t w a r e Engineering/Database.
  • Printing Press Technicians
    • NC/ Diploma in Print Origination.
    • NC/ Diploma in Print Finishing.
    • NC/ Diploma in Graphic Arts and Design.
  • Hardware Technicians
    • NC/ Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering.
  • Network Technicians
    • NC/ Diploma in Computer Network Systems Engineering.
  • Mining Managers
    • Diploma in Mining Engineering.
  • Mining Engineers
    • Diploma in Mining Engineering.
  • Mineral Resources Evaluators
    • Diploma in Mining Engineering/ Mineral Evaluation.

Applicants’ Requirements:

  • Age between 18-30 years for Specialist/Technical Personnel and 18-22 years for General Duty Soldiers.
  • Zimbabwean citizenship.
  • Physically and medically fit.
  • Single marital status.
  • Minimum educational qualifications as specified.
  • Height and weight requirements as specified.
  • Relevant professional qualifications as specified.

Application Process:

  • Submit application letters with required documents to District Administrator’s Offices, Formation Headquarters, and selected Army Units within respective Provinces and Districts.
  • Application period: Check National Advert – updating

For More Information: Contact respective Province Headquarters or the Zimbabwe National Army Recruiting Office in Harare ;


  • Good remuneration.
  • Free uniforms.
  • Free medical and dental care.
  • Housing and transport allowances.
  • Generous leave conditions.


  • ZNA does not engage third parties in the recruitment process or charge application fees.


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