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2024 SHS, TVET School Selection Guidelines – GES Update

2024 SHS, TVET School Selection Guidelines – GES Update September

The Ghana Education Service has issued updated guidelines on September 5, 2023, for the selection of schools, including Senior High Schools (SHS) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

These schools have been divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. The categories are based on subscription rates rather than quality.

Category A represents highly subscribed schools, Category B represents average subscriptions, Category C represents under-subscribed schools, and Category D is for catchment areas.

Here is the breakdown of schools in each category:

Category A: 96 schools
Also Category B: 259 schools
Category C: 573 schools
In total, there are 918 public SHS.

Selection Process:

Candidates are required to select six schools, prioritizing them in order of preference, with the first choice being their most preferred option.

For Category D:

Category D includes SHS, SHTS, TVET schools within a 16km radius of a Junior High School (JHS),

Schools  selection is for BECE, Private BECE, and Re-entry Candidates.

Additional Guidelines:

Select a compulsory day school as the 6th choice if it’s within 16km of the JHS attended, or choose a boarding school from the provided list (Appendix 3).

Candidates should select 5 schools from Appendix 4 for consideration in the second placement if they miss out on all their initial choices.

When choosing schools,

candidates may select up to 1 school from Category A,

2 schools from Category B, and

At least 2 schools from Category C.

Candidates cannot choose more than one school from Category A or more than 2 schools from Category B.

Also Candidates can select 5 schools from Category C and 1 from Category D or choose a boarding school from Appendix 3 Special Boarding.

For Candidates who wish to pursue TVET programs must select all 6 TVET institutions from Categories A, B, and C as either day or boarding options.

Candidates interested in STEM programs should select STEM schools from Categories A, B, and C as either day or boarding choices.


BECE candidates should select 6 schools for their placement.

Candidates select schools and forward their choices to district education offices through their school heads.

Private school candidates should select their schools online at

Date for Selection

The date for selection will be announced when the portal is ready.

Foreign Students

Foreign students must purchase foreign student application forms online, fill them out, and submit them to the CSSPS/Freeshs/TVET secretariats.

Equity Note:

30% of reserved schools will be set aside for public Junior High Schools.

Additional Information:

Candidates who are not placed through the automatic placement can utilize the self-placement model on the CSSPS portal. Candidates should use their index numbers to check their placement.

Information source; Ghana Education Service

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List of Category A SHS SHTS TVET pdf 2024

Category B SHS SHTS TVET pdf 2024

Category C SHS SHTS TVET pdf 2024

Category D SHS SHTS TVET pdf 2024

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2024 SHS, TVET School Selection Guidelines – GES Update September


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