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Blow-by-blow account of how KNUST fresh girl was ‘gang-raped’ by L.400 student & police officer

Blow-by-blow account of how KNUST fresh girl was ‘gang-raped’ by L.400 student & police officer; they are standing trial for alleged rape of a first year student at a hostel at Bomso.

The two have been denied bail and remanded to reappear on Tuesday, August 9.

In court on Thursday, July 28, lead Prosecutor ACP Kofi Blagozi gave an account of how the incident happened.

He began by narrating how the alleged victim, who deals in ladies’ clothing, displayed some of the items on the internet for sale.

ACP Blagozi said the final year student upon seeing the advert, contacted the victim and assured her of having similar ones which he wants to supply to her, for which she could make more profit out of.

The complainant then agreed to meet him and he led her to his room under the pretext of showing her the clothes, but suddenly locked the door and put the key into his pocket.

Blow-by-blow account of how KNUST fresh girl was ‘gang-raped’ by L.400 student & police officer then told the ‘victim’ that he is a scammer and that he will only let her leave the room after she undresses for him to take pictures and a video of her nakedness to be sent to his business partner abroad for money out of which the complainant will have 30% share.”

“Out of fear, the complainant told the police that she reluctantly obliged and removed her clothes where the final-year student took pictures and videos of her nudity and she was further compelled to recite some words which the first accused person sent to his partner for the payment of the money.

“The complainant further told the police that the final year student who is the first accused person ordered her to perform oral sex on him which was videoed and then went ahead to have unprotected sex with her.

“After satisfying himself, he [the Level 400 student] then went out of the room, locked the door but returned with the second accused person, the police officer, who was armed with a pistol whom he introduced as his friend and business partner. The final year student left the room locked, as it was left with the complainant and the police officer, who also took his turn in having sexual intercourse with her.

“After the police officer had also forcibly had sex with the complainant, the first accused person then returned to the room and forcefully administered LYDIA contraceptive pills to the complainant in order to prevent any unwanted pregnancy, after which the complainant was sent out of the room. Traumatized the victim went home and later confided in the University authorities (at KNUST) who decided to report to the police on 21st July 2022.”

On 22nd July 2022, KNUST authorities arrested the final year student and handed him over to the police.

Tthe final year student admitted the offence and mentioned the police officer and he was arrested the same day.

Students needs to be extra careful there are more bad people in the system, who will do anything to have their way.




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