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California paycheck calculator

California paycheck calculator

There are multiple online paycheck calculators available specifically for California. Here are a few options you can try:

1. ADP Payroll Calculator: ADP offers a comprehensive paycheck calculator specifically designed for California residents. You can enter your salary, pay frequency, deductions, and other relevant information to calculate your net pay. You can access it here:

2. PaycheckCity California Paycheck Calculator: PaycheckCity provides a user-friendly paycheck calculator where you can input your salary, pay frequency, exemptions, and other details to estimate your take-home pay. You can access it here:

3. SmartAsset California Paycheck Calculator: SmartAsset also offers a paycheck calculator for California residents. It allows you to enter your salary, filing status, exemptions, and other information to determine your net pay. Try it out here:

Remember, while these calculators can give you a general idea of your take-home pay, they may not account for all possible deductions or variations in tax laws.

With most of the calculators, you don’t need to login or signup before being able to access it.


Go to your web browser and search , select and launch. Provide details like, Hourly payment, weekly payment, pay per period etc to obtain your earnings.

Hourly paycheck calculator

 Paycheck Portal

Visit the portal provided below,

Enter the following to calculate

How often are you paid? Enter weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, semi-monthly

How are you paid?; Enter salary type ( Hourly), Gross Pay Method ( Per year or Pay per period), Enter Amount.

Enter Any overtime details; thus Enter overtime or Double time, Hours and Amount

Hourly paycheck calculator or the  weekly paycheck calculator is the same, just change the period of and you’re good to go

Provide  the date of the paycheck you’re calculating?




Take Home; All these values will be shown on the dashboard for you.

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