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How to know/check which particular month your mandatory/automatic salary increment/ jump from GES comes which every teacher must receive every year, an amount depending on the rank – which is different from government increments.

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1. A salary increment called incremental jump happens to every teacher every year when your salary point increases. How To Correct The Point of Your Salary Level On Your Payslip Which Fails To Move Upwards

This is different from normal salary increments or Base pay increments.

To qualify your salary point must increase every year.

If your salary point is not increasing you won’t get it.

To check, first, record your salary for the previous month and that of the next month previously September every year, and check the difference. if it is delayed, it is paid with arrears in a subsequent month like October, November, or December.

Many have issues with this increment hence the Request by GES to clear it.

Single Spine Salary Structure for Public Sector Workers / GES First Tranche 23 % Calculation in Ghana

Check form Template and Act according; Request for outstanding salary/allowance issues within GES; 

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2. What if you don’t get it in September?

If you don’t get it in September or in a subsequent month after September it means yours will come in the same month of your recruitment/appointment or in the month your previous upgrading or promotion took effect.

For instance, if your upgrading or promotion took effect in April your salary increment will happen every April of every year or it will come a month earlier before April or a month after April.

3. Sometimes you don’t see much difference when it is paid because tax has swallowed it or SSNIT contribution arrears have swallowed it or tax arrears swallowed it

4. When it is paid, your income tax increases, and SSNIT contribution also takes their share that’s why you may not notice the difference.

5. That is why it’s important to check your payslip every month because the increment is individual, and all teachers don’t get it in the same month. Make sure to check your gross and net every month and your income tax deductions. SNNIT deductions and loan deductions. It’s very important for your financial literacy about your salary. GOGPAYSLIP E-Payslip Login Portal

One thing to avoid is to have issues with your authorities, it can affect your salary and that is the last thing you would wish for.

This time, mostly the incremental Jump happens in January, check your payslip this  and compare .

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