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Cancellation of cut-off points into SHS and Demotions in Schools – Question to be answered


“Sir, please can you help me make sense of why GES has cancelled demotions in primary and JHS and cut-off points into SHS?

Because, these policies have actually made the children to be reluctant towards academic work. So they really do not take teachers teaching serious again.

Hmm our comment session is opened for the answers, But a research paper sighted but seekersnewsgh brought the following findings, Full document is below for download

In a research paper published as Ghana Education Facts Sheet 2020, Here are some of the key finding

Repetition rates vary widely for each grade of primary and secondary education.

• For all primary grades, repetition rates are higher than dropout rates, and the repetition rate is particularly high for Grade 1.

• At the lower secondary level, the repetition rate shows a clear pattern of increasing with each grade.

• Non-transitioners are students who attended the last grade of a level but did not continue to the next level. Non-transition rates in upper secondary are extremely high at 90 per cent. This means that 90 per cent of children who attended the last grade of upper secondary did not continue to higher education.

• Education attendance by age shows high shares of children aged 2 to 6 years in ECE. The official starting age for primary education is 6, but 42 per cent of 6-year olds, 17 per cent of 7-year olds and 8 per cent of 8-year olds attend ECE, and small shares of 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-year olds attend ECE as well. •

Most children of primary school age attend primary level. However, at the lower and upper secondary levels, out-of-school rates increase, and by age 17, 30 per cent of chldren are out of school.

Read Full data here

school student writing from public school

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