COCOBOD Clarifies iPad Keyboard Purchase for Board of Directors

COCOBOD Clarifies iPad Keyboard Purchase for Board of Directors

Recently, a procurement document from the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) surfaced, raising eyebrows over the purchase of fifteen iPad keyboards at a unit cost of GHS 4,500 each.

This revelation sparked concerns and questions regarding the rationale behind such a decision, especially amidst financial constraints reportedly faced by COCOBOD.

As discussions ensued, some defended the quoted price as reasonable, while others questioned its prudence.

In response to public inquiries, COCOBOD has issued a statement to address the concerns raised.

Let’s delve into their clarification to gain insight into this matter.

The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has taken notice of the widely circulated memo originating from the Information Systems Department of the Board.

The said memo is a proposal requesting management to approve the procurement of iPad keyboards for members of the Board of Directors.

The request to purchase iPad keyboards was based on the Board’s adoption of the “CONVENE” App which is part of efforts to reduce the use of paper and stationary during board meetings, while at the same time, enhancing productivity and collaboration among members.

We wish to emphasize that Management has not sanctioned the procurement of the keyboards, and consequently, no procurement transactions have taken place.



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