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Download GTLE Past Questions and Answers PDF For This Year 2024

Download the GTLE Past Questions and Answers PDF For This Year

Here are Some Questions and Answers for the GTLE 2024 Preparation, Even though it’s now subject-based, its still the same questions integrated.

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2024 GTLE Content Area and Table of Specifications for Each Subject Download

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This paper consists of 30 multiple-choice questions with four options lettered A to D. Read
and evaluate all four options and circle the letter of the correct or best answer.


1. In a basic school, suspensions due to fights among students have increased in recent
years. Research suggests that school staff can best reduce this type of behaviour by
emphasising which of the following approaches?
A. Helping students learn to identify and avoid negative situations that appear likely
to escalate in intensity
B. Implementing units at each grade level to teach students the elements and
applications of moral reasoning
C. Increasing the severity of consequences for students who exhibit violent
behaviour on school grounds
D. Providing students with explicit training and practice in the use of conflict
resolution skills

2. Mr Fiifi wants to use alternative methods of assessment. Which of the following will
he not likely use?
A. Multiple Choice Test
B. Reflective Journal Writing
C. Oral Presentation
D. Developing Portfolios

3. Which theory operates on the “stimulus-response principle”, which means all
behaviours are caused by external stimuli?
A. Contextual theory
B. Behaviourist theory
C. Cognitive theory
D. Constructivist theory

4. A junior high school teacher decides to have students engage in a series of debates
on several school-related topics, such as the school dress code and extending the
school day. This type of activity is particularly appropriate for JHS students
primarily because students at this age have typically developed the ability to
A. Consider the implications of complex moral decisions
B. Distinguish between arguments and discussions
C. Engage in formal operational thinking
D. Recognise multiple perspectives on an issue

5. When teaching students new concepts, a teacher makes a point of following direct
instruction with guided and independent practice activities. Though students seem to
have a good grasp of new concepts at a time, the teacher discovers that they are often
unable to remember what they have learned. Which of the following strategies is
likely to be most effective in enhancing students’ ability to internalize newly learned
A. Having students use a section of their binders to maintain an ongoing list of
newly learned concepts
B. Identifying a variety of authentic contexts in which students can apply newly
learned concepts
C. Stating for students the targeted concept at the beginning and end of each lesson
D. Using various incentive systems to reward students for mastering new concepts

6. An upper primary school teacher frequently assigns students projects. First the
teacher discusses the objectives for the project with the students. Next the students
develop a project plan, outlining the activities they will perform and products they
will develop to achieve the targeted objectives, and then they review their plan with
the teacher. This approach is likely to be most effective in achieving which of the
following goals?
A. Supporting students in assuming responsibility for their own learning
B. Communicating to students high expectations for their performances and
C. Increasing the relevance of academic content to students’ lives and experiences
D. Ensuring that instruction is responsive to students’ individual needs and interests


Read the passage below, and answer question 7
Electronic texts such as web pages provide detailed, specific information on a wide
variety of topics. Web pages may offer objective information, or they may present a
person’s opinion about a topic. Because web pages come from such a wide range of
sources, it is vital that you evaluate the authority and the background of the source
before using or accepting any of the information presented. Some electronic texts are
provided by retailers – companies that want to sell you something – and should be
viewed as advertisements rather than as information text.

7. The author’s main purpose in the passage is to
A. Caution on the use of electronic text
B. Present sources of information
C. Condemn the web information
D. Commend electronic texts

8. Which of the following sentences has the correct noun, pronoun and verb
A. That hat is her’s but she has allowed the friend to take it
B. That hat is hers’ but she have allowed the friend to take it
C. That hat is hers but she have allowed the friend to take it
D. That hat is hers but she has allowed the friend to take it

9. Which one of the following sentences uses the correct order of adjectives?
A. I bought a pair of new, nice red rain boots
B. I bought a pair of nice, new red rain boots
C. I bought a pair of red, nice new rain boots
D. I bought a pair of new, red nice rain boots


10. If 25 students at a secondary school arrive in school 5 minutes late on the average of
each day, how many hours and minutes are lost by the group each day?
A. 20hrs 5min
B. 12hrs 5min
C. 2hrs 25min
D. 2hrs 5min

11. Which of these factors are likely to account for Ghanaian students’ poor performance
in mathematics in the Basic Education Certificate Examination?
I. Students inability to read and comprehend the texts in the questions
II. Strict invigilation in the examination hall
III. Many mathematics teachers forcing to teach all topics in the syllabus to all
students without regard to their abilities
A. I & II
C. I & III
D. I, II & III

12. Which of the following is not very necessary in planning your JHS mathematics
scheme of work at the beginning of the school term?
A. BECE mathematics past questions
B. JHS mathematics syllabus
C. JHS mathematics textbook
D. Teacher’s handbook to the JHS mathematics textbook


Sample Questions and Areas 


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Numberacy  Questions 2


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Literacy  Questions 1 


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Essential Skills 1


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