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All You Need to Know about NTC Courses and the Ones to take; How to Register Each Course

So, am writing this because, most of you can’t find your way around the NTC courses we are doing. Some of you, even though you haven’t done any, you are frustrated already.

These courses are very interesting and adds something to your profession.

Let us take a look at the Noise we are making about the NTC courses available for points and the rational behind that. To those who were able to Do the PD courses, You may have a first hand information about it.

This is to clarify things for my Colleague Teachers asking, what’s all these Noise you are making about NTC Courses for Points.

  1. What are the Current courses available for All teachers?
  2. What is the Rationale For introducing Professional Development activities?
  3. Where Can I access Trainings for My PD points?
  4. How long Does it take to get the required points?
  5. Can I Do courses from only one source?
  6. How many Trainings am I to attend if am at the Basic School level?
  7. How many trainings am I to attend at the SHS Level?
  8. Are Teachers on Study Leave Part?
  9. What if I don’t need promotion, do I still have to take the courses?
  10. How long does it take for points or certificates to reflect?

What is the Rationale For introducing Professional Development activities?

The rationale for introducing PD activities is to provide guidance for teachers to continue to improve their competencies to maintain the integrity of the teaching profession and improve their professional status.

It is envisaged that going through the listed accredited PD activities would help maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences gained after the initial training.

It is essential for teachers as professionals to preserve their professional integrity by updating their knowledge and skills to keep them abreast of contemporary issues and approaches in education.

Which category of courses are we suppose to take.? 

The Framework has identified different activities which have been grouped as


Ranked Based and

Recommended activities.

The latter is also grouped into categories based on the complexity nature of the activities and level of involvement of the teacher.

This is to ensure consistency in calculation of and validity in assigning credit points.

Teachers at specific ranks are to access activities from both Mandatory and Ranked Based Trainings.

In addition, they are required to select any of the categories within the Recommended Trainings to meet a required PD point at that rank in a PD cycle.

NOTE: You can obtain 100 Points but might not meet the criteria because you need to take courses from each category and not only one or Two. ALL

Where Can I access Trainings for My PD points?

The teacher can access trainings from the employer either at the school level through Professional Learning Communities-PLC (School Based, Departmental Based or Cluster Based) Community of Practice-CoP (Workshop for Heads of Institutions or School Improvement Officers (SIO) or teachers for a particular subject or teachers of a particular class (BS3, BS1, KG2) or teachers assigned with common roles and responsibilities.

Such programmes are mostly supply driven.

Teachers can also use the teachers’ portal to access PD activities from Accredited Service Providers on Demand.

Development Partners and NGO’s working closely with the Ministry of Education are also certified to collaborate with District Education offices to provide supply driven programmes to teachers.

NTC will collaborate with GES to monitor such trainings to ensure standards are met.

How long Does it take to get the required points?

PD programmes run for a cycle of three (3) years. This implies that every registered teacher has three (3) years to earn the minimum credit points stipulated for his/her level/rank.

This rule applies to teachers at all levels of the Education system, both public and private sectors including holders of administrative positions.

Teacher Continuous Professional Development activities can be accessed either from Supply Driven or Demand Driven Source dependent upon the availability of such activities.

Can I Do courses from only one source?

Teachers are not restricted to access training from only one source and are also not obliged to access every paid PD activity.

Demand Driven Programmes are those organised by Certified Service Providers.

How many Trainings am I to attend if am at the Basic School level?

Teachers at levels where the academic calendar operates for three terms (Trimester) can have minimum of three supply driven trainings per term making a total of Nine (9) trainings per year and Twenty-Seven (27) per the 3-year PD cycle.

How many trainings am I to attend at the SHS Level?

Similarly, teachers at the levels where academic calendar operates for two terms (Semester basis) shall have a minimum of Six (6) supply driven PDs for a semester, making a total of Twelve (12) per year and 36 per the 3-year PD cycle.

However, teachers should note that training programs must be accessed proportionally from all the training categories based on the PD point calculation, meaning, trainings must be accessed from all categories.

Are Teachers on Study Leave Part?

Yes, since this also builds you up professionally and its a requirement for license renewal, you also have to access the courses to build your points unless stated otherwise by NTC or GES. But to be at the safer side, Do the courses.

What if I don’t need promotion, do I still have to take the courses?

Yes, You can not be in the class using old methods that might not be working as a professional teacher, you must be abreast with the current methodology and things that work. You Also need to renew your License hence you need  to take the courses?


How to register for the NTC courses.

Here, every point you earn will be uploaded into your NTC teachers portal Known as the tpg portal. https://tpg.ntc.gov.gh/account/login    Manual to Register

Every teacher is suppose to have an account on the Teachers portal Page, whether you Teach in a private school or in a Public school.

There are institutions or organizations that are accredited to give CPD Points and Certified Certificates, some are

UCC, Winneba university, The Public schools Teacher Unions and  private school Teacher Unions.


NTC has its official e-learning platform which is https://elearning.ntc.gov.gh/

If you want to take their courses, you need to register, Click here to check how to register.


As established earlier it is not NTC alone that does courses for CPD  points, some other organizations are also mandated to do courses.

As and when these organizations announce courses, you need to find out mode of registration from the organization.

After successful registration and taking part in the course, the organization will provide your grades or points acquired to NTC to bee credited  in your portal.

Not all courses give  points, some are certificates only and some are both, You need to keep your certificate, it is recognized by NTC.

What are the Current courses available for All teachers?

Here are currently the e-Learning portals available with courses running. It will be updated soon with the latest, do come back or JOIN OUR TEACHER PROFESSIONAL FORUM FOR QUICK UPDATE CLICK HERE 

  1. https://elearning.ntc.gov.gh/   FREE NTC Course For 15 CPD Points and Take that of the 16 points too
  1. https://upskill.instill.education/  3 New Mounted Free Online Courses You should Take

Current Face to Face courses available

  1. UCC Course for CPD Points 
  2. ICT Course For Teachers 

How long does it take for points or certificates to reflect?

Depending on the Number of participants and the workload, some maybe awarded within 24 Hours, However some may need manual marking of scripts and practiced samples, those can take sometime to be awarded.

NTC certificate and Point Reduction issues- All Teachers

useful link https://tpg.ntc.gov.gh/account/login

Credit: NTC Teacher Professional Development.





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October 4, 2022 7:32 am

Please, 14 points has been deducted from my NTC points. I did all the courses through e-learning. I am now left with 3 points.
Please, how would that happen and how do I retrieve my points back?

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