Jilted man in court for sharing ex-girlfriend’s nde video on WhatsApp | Check Cure for Broken Heart

Jilted man in court for sharing ex-girlfriend’s nde video on WhatsApp | Check Cure for Broken Heart.

Check out harmful things people do during break-ups and tips to stay healthy.

A 23-year-old man, who shared an intimate video of his ex-girlfriend to contacts on WhatsApp, has appeared before an Adentan Circuit Court.

Ebenezer Sarfo allegedly carried out the act after warning his ex-girlfriend of his intentions to circulate the video.

Sarfo, unemployed, who is charged with non-consensual sharing of intimate images and sexual extortion, pleaded not guilty.

The court presided over by Mrs. Sedinam Awo Balokah admitted him to bail in the sum of GHC300,000 with three sureties, one to be justified.

The court also ordered Sarfo to be reporting every Wednesday to the Police. The matter has been adjourned to August 2.

The prosecution led by Chief Inspector Maxwell Lanyo said the complainant, whose name was withheld, was a resident of Madina and the accused person, was a resident of Ofinso.

The prosecution said the accused person and the complainant were in a distant relationship, with the complainant visiting the accused sometimes.

It said during the relationship, the complainant and Sarfo “did a video call where the complainant was naked. The accused person convinced the complainant to place the camera showing her fully naked body, which he recorded secretly.

The prosecution said the relationship fell on the rocks, which did not go down well with Sarfo.


It said since the break-up, Sarfo had been threatening the complainant to compel her into “unwanted sexual activity because he has her nude video”.

According to the prosecution, on May 28, 2023, the complainant was on her way to Oyibi to visit her family when she had a WhatsApp message from Sarfo, which read: “Do you know I have your nude videos? If you leave me, I will distribute it on social media.”

The prosecution said the same day, at about 3:00 pm, Sarfo sent the nude video to a friend of the complainant and a witness in the case.

It said the friend of the complainant alerted her about the video.

The prosecution said when the complainant confronted the accused person, he got infuriated and shared the nude video with his other contacts through Whatsapp platforms.

It said on May 30, 2023, the complainant reported the matter to the Police, and the accused was arrested at Offinso and brought to the Police at Oyibi.



Such things are on the rise, where because of broken hearts, decent people do senseless things.

Sharing of nude videos to disgrace the other.

Killing the other person.

Destroying your items if they can’t take it.


Examples of harmful or abusive behaviors include:

Trying to control/make all decisions related to the relationship or breakup

Preventing a current/previous partner from socializing, working, or hanging out with others

Destroying personal property or threatening pets

Trying to control what the other person does, how they look, who they see or talk to

Using money to control or trap a current/previous partner

Manipulating a current/previous partner by using threats, insults, or guilt

Keeping close track of where the other person is at all times

Pushing, shoving, slapping, or hitting

Engaging in continuous, unwanted contact in-person and/or online.

Asking for updates from family or friends

Spreading rumors about a current/previous partner


Here are tips to get a better

The number one cure for broken Heart is TIME

No matter how angry, how sad, or depressed you are, it will take time to heal you.

The feeling is like intoxication, where people feel you are intoxicated but can’t tell the extent of it. You may not care about what you are doing but you are serious and other people around you may even see what you are doing as a joke.

Sometimes the thought of killing yourself may be the only good idea you will get at that moment, but you must know time will heal you.

Seek help from friends, talk to friends to waste time.

If possible take out things that will remind you of the person.

Do not think you are strong when you loved the person

One mistake mostly done by boys is thinking they are strong, you may not see the effect of the break-up right away but it will surely come.

Even if a madman rejects you, you’ll feel sad.

Prepare for it and tell yourself time will heal me.

Avoid communicating with the other person, they may feel okay with it because they planned to leave you, you communicating with them will only extend the time for your healing.

Do not do any of the stupid things mentioned above, Time will Heal you.

If possible don’t be alone during this period always be in the company of others.

Doing any of the harmful things mentioned above will only ruin your life and others who depend on you.



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