Great idea discovered! – TUC boss lauds Mahama’s 24-hour (three-shift) economy promise

Great idea discovered! – TUC boss lauds Mahama’s 24-hour (three-shift) economy promise

The Secretary General of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC), Dr Anthony Yaw Baah, has lauded what he calls the “game changer” policy proffered by former President John Dramani Mahama in creating jobs for the teeming unemployed youth.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer met with officials of the country’s mother workers union on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at the start of his engagement with key stakeholders in a quest to return to power.

Dubbed ‘Building Ghana Tour’, the interactions with the stakeholders are to apprise them of the policies the next NDC administration will implement to transform the economy.

At Tuesday’s engagement, Mr Mahama is said to have proposed a 24-hour economy, which will see workers engaged in a three-shift system.


“We are also very interested and eager to know more about his great idea of a 24-hour economy,” Dr Yaw Baah intimated ahead of the former president’s address.

“I think this one, Comrade, you have to take your time because I can imagine the amount of jobs that this kind of thing will create.

“That could be the game-changer. I am telling you. That you have opportunity in this country to work 24 hours, 3 shifts.

“So, if you don’t get job in the morning, you can get it in the afternoon or in the night,” he noted.

Dr Yaw Baah charged the youth to get ready for jobs with this policy by the NDC ahead of the 2024 elections.

“I think and I mean it, that this is a great idea that was lying somewhere and never discovered and we will be eager to hear a lot more about it.”

He also presented TUC’s manifesto to the former president.

Former President Mahama expressed regret that the NDC was the only voice left to agitate for better conditions for Ghanaians under the Akufo-Addo-led administration.

“NDC was left alone as the solitary voice seeking to hold the government accountable and speaking up for the voiceless Ghanaian and we were often cast out as spoilt brats who were ranting just because we have lost power.

“Today, the chickens have come home to roost and we are all affected.”

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About The Three Shift Economy

The 24-hour economy, also known as the three-shift economy, refers to an economic system that operates continuously around the clock, with businesses and services open and active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This concept represents a departure from the traditional 9-to-5 workday and reflects the increasing demand for convenience, flexibility, and accessibility in modern society.

Key characteristics and components of the 24-hour economy include:

  1. Shift Work: In a 24-hour economy, many industries and sectors employ shift workers who work during various time slots throughout the day and night. This allows businesses to maintain operations continuously.
  2. Services: A wide range of services, such as healthcare, transportation, hospitality, retail, and entertainment, adapt to a 24-hour schedule to accommodate the needs of consumers who require services at different times.
  3. Urbanization: Major cities around the world often lead the way in adopting the 24-hour economy due to their larger populations and higher demand for round-the-clock services.
  4. Technology: Technological advancements, particularly the internet and e-commerce, have played a significant role in enabling the 24-hour economy. Online shopping, remote work, and digital services are available 24/7.


Credit; 3news.com


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