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How To Obtain Your National Service (NSS) Certificate Online 2024

How To Obtain Your National Service (NSS) Certificate Online

NSS Certificates from all regions are accessible on the NSS Certificate Delivery Portal, obtain NSS certificate soft copy download online

Follow these steps to order the delivery of your NSS Certificate:

How to Order Your NSS Certificate:

Ensure you meet the following criteria:

Completed the mandatory one-year (12 months) National Service.

Had your annual assessment form filled with a fair evaluation of your performance by your immediate supervisor or Head of the User Agency where you did your service.

Submitted assessment forms at the respective District offices of the scheme where the Agency is situated.

Go to your web browser,

Serch the NSS certificate Delivery Portal

Wait for it to Load,

After Provide your NSS Number for verification in the designated field.

Submit your Means of Identification.

Fill in your details in the request form displayed.

Make payment for delivery using the various available options.

NSS Certificate Delivery Portal

To initiate your order for the NSS Certificate, visit the NSS Certificate Delivery Portal at

Forgotten NSS Number

You can easily retrieve your NSS Number by Clicking on I Don’t have my NSS number

Provide your First name then your Last name, Enter the Region where you did the Service and the year.

Click search to find your NSS number.

You can also go to the NSS portal to search for your Number.

National Service Scheme portal login | All NSS Portal

Wrong Details

IWrong Details, Request Correction, click on it if you get a feedback for wrong details and submit your reasons.

If you are unable to locate your certificate, please send a complaint email to

You get the Chance to obtain the NSS  certificate soft copy download immediately. Later the Certificate will be delivered to you via the Portal you used.


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