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IIT BHU Examination Portal login 2024

Indian Institute of Technology IIT BHU Examination Portal Portal login

The IIT BHU Examination Portal login is the main IIT BHU Students Portal for course registration and others.

The student’s Portal login link is provided below for you to have direct access to your Portal, it is directly obtained from the University for a secure connection.
Access All-Academic Information on the Student Portal.

You need to provide your login credentials to be able to access the page.

The University student portals provide students with access to academic resources, tools, and services.

Access is typically done using a username and password. For first-time users, thus freshers, instructions on how to access the portal is available from the university’s website.

To access resources and services on the portal, students must agree to abide by acceptable use policies, as well as for the privacy of others.

Very important information is sent to all students through the Portal, and your Biodata, Tuition fees paid or in arrears, and Semester Results are all sent through the students’ portal.

Some of the Student Portals even have the Learning Management System LMS Integrated.

All registered courses can be viewed in the student portal

To login to; Indian Institute of Technology, IIT BHU  Students Portal login

You will be Assisted by the School with login credentials to be able to register and login.
Most login credentials are index numbers or student IDs. See Administration or support for Assistance.


If you forget your login credentials click forgot password and provide
Email and Student ID. Contact Administration for login credentials if you’re having trouble, especially first-time Users

Or contact support for help.


For security reasons, you must ensure the website you are providing your login credentials is the main University Students’ login Portal. Log Out of all sessions in the browset before login into IIT BHU Examination Portal.

Make sure the Security symbol is seen
You can also visit the University’s main website and click on Students Portal to access the Students Portal Login.

Always close the sign-out and close the browser after use. If you suspect the website, do not provide your login credentials.

Direct Login to; Indian Institute of Technology, IIT BHU Students Academic Portal login

Go to your web browser and search; Indian Institute of Technology, IIT BHU Students Portal login

Use your institue mail ID for loging into the system.
Before login, logout all active sessions from the browser.
The portal serves all the academic purposes like course registration, grades.
Can be accessed from Intranet/Internet.

Note: Those who do not have institute mail Id may login through their registered Gmail account, if not registered in academic database, Contact the System Analyst, Exam Unit, IITBHU.

Since you’re here already

You can use the Link to login to  IIT BHU Examination Portal

Thank You



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