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Massive and Full-Scale Auditing Ongoing; Make Yourself and Documents Available – Public Sector Workers

Massive and Full-Scale Auditing Ongoing; Make Yourself and Documents Available – Public Sector Workers

The Annual Auditing of workers documents in the service is here again, You may have done yours already but if not kindly make yourself available with your documents.

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All Workers are to present documents used for the Job application thus all School Certificates, Promotion Letters, transfers, appointments, etc. The requested documents are Original Copies only and not photocopies.

It does not matter how long you have been in the system, you are also part.

It is just like the annual school/institutional census, but with this, there will be physical auditors in the schools/institutions to carry out the exercise.

In instances where Auditors were not happy with just the certificate, they requested the Transcript or attestations.

The exercise is ongoing, if you are traveling or for good reasons you won’t be available kindly prepare well, if not you’ll be forced to come back.

Inform colleagues who may not be aware to prepare.

Upgrade of Fills

It is important you always upgrade your fills at the Heads Office, in that case, most required documents will be directly obtained from the head and you won’t be disturbed.

The list Should include

Copies of

School Certificate. BECE, SHS, Tertiary or Professional Cert.

National Service Certificate

Birth Certificate

Appointment Letter HQ

Introductory Letters Regional

New Entrant Form

Any responsibility appointment Letter

Any allowance on your payslip must have its corresponding letter to that effect.

Promotion Letter

Current Payslips ( Last three months)

Salary issues

A few reports we have redirected to the Unions indicate that, it is difficult to be reinstated on salary if you go off;

Common cause includes change of management units.

The name did not appear in the school system and more. Always inquire from your validator or let your validator inform you if there are issues early to take action.

Standard Payroll Operating Processes CAGD for Public Sector Workers

MoE/ GES Release Today Follow Now



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