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NTC GTLE 2023 Literacy Questions and Answers

Here is the full set of the GTLE 2023 Literacy Questions

(30 marks)
Answer all the questions

For questions 1-14, choose from the alternatives A-D, the word(s) that best completes each of the sentences.

1. Did you ever care  ……………….. What could have happened to your colleagues?
A. about
B. for
C. of
D. with



2. The other day, Adoma ran ……..her old friend at the market.
A. by
B. into
C. onto
D. up

3. Suddenly, Asibi gave a loud scream and…………. to the ground.
A. fall
B. fell
C. had fallen
D. has fallen

4. The performance of candidates…………. that the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination is achieving its objectives.
A. are indicating
B. have indicated
C. indicate
D. indicates

5. No one among the villagers who beat up the men…………why they
did that.
A. do know
B. have known
C. know
D. knows



6. I wish Afrifa……………. the work himself

A. can do
B. could do
C. have done
D. will do

7. If Emefa ………… time, she would have attended her uncle’s birthday party.
A. had
B. had had
C. has
D. has had

8. If you help me to finish the assignment on time, I…….you a lift.
A. will give
B. will have given
C. would give
D. would have given

9. You could scarcely raise your head…………………………..?
A. can you
B. could you
C. couldn’t you
D. Isn’t it

10. You will all bear ………………… that COVID-19 has seriously affected our economy.
A. me out
B. me up
C. on me
D. with me

11. One of the girls ………………………. present during the fire outbreak last Monday.
A. are
B. is
C. were
D. was

12. Neither the teacher nor the students…………….regularly.
A. is reading
B. read
C. reads
D. was reading

13. My father needs………………… salt.
A. little
B. few
C. many
D. any

14. How ………………….. alumni were at the meeting?

A. many
B. more
C. much
D. plenty

For questions 15 and 16, choose from the alternatives lettered A-D, one which completes the sentence with the correct order of adjectives.

15. The class was introduced to the………………….. English tutor.
A. beautiful young dark
B. dark young beautiful
C. young beautiful dark
D. young dark beautiful

16. When I was coming to school today, I saw ……………….. Police officers.
A. two handsome young
B. two young handsome
C. young handsome two
D. young two handsome

For questions 17 and 18, choose from the alternatives lettered A-D, one which best represents the direct speech form of the indirect speech.

17.Mariama said she was writing a letter to her brother. Mariama said,
A. “I am writing a letter to my brother.”
B. “I was writing a letter to her brother.”
C. “I was writing a letter to my brother.”
D. “I wrote a letter to her brother.”

18.Kwame said that his wife went to the dinner with him the previous day.
Kwame said,
A. “His wife went to the dinner with him the previous day.”
B. “I went with my wife to the dinner yesterday.”
C. “My wife went to the dinner with me the day before.”
D. “My wife went to the dinner with me yesterday.”

For questions 19 and 20, choose from the options following each of the sentences lettered A-D, the one that best gives the meaning of the underlined expression.

19. The Black Stars can win the World Cup only when pias fly. It means it will
A. be extremely difficult.
B. happen by all means.
C. never happen.
D. take a long time.

20. The secretary pulled a long face when the house rejected the proposal. It
means that the secretary

A. got agitated.
B. got annoyed.
C. started a quarrel.
D. was disappointed.

For questions 21 and 22, choose from the alternatives lettered A-D, one which
is nearest in meaning to the words underlined.

21. Mrs. Azuma built a luxurious mansion for her husband.
A. Awkward
B. Dilapidated
C. Inexpensive
D. Lavish

22. Issues like these have a way of shaking my resolve.
A. Action
B. Determination
C. Explanation
D. Solution

For questions 23 and 24, choose from the alternatives A-D, the one that is the
active form of the passive sentence.

23. The prefect was teased by the students. The students
A. have been teasing the prefect.
B. teased the prefect.
C. tease the prefect.
D. have teased the prefect.

24. The food would have been cooked by him.
A. He will cook the food.
B. He will have cooked the food.
C. He would cook the food..
D. He would have cooked the food.

For questions 25 and 26, choose from the alternatives lettered A-D, one which
Is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word(s).

25. I was told Victoria has a violent temper.
A. calm
B. flexible
C. obnoxious
D. pleasant

26. The plaintiff called for the speedy trial of the case.
A. combatant
B. defendant
C. jury
D. witness

27. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated?

A. The manager as far as I can see, is likely to give us the loan.
B. The manager, as far as I can see is likely to give us the loan.
C. The manager, as far as I can see, is likely to give us the loan.
D. The manager, as far as, I can see is likely to give us the loan.

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 27-30.

(1) The price of eggs in the Bono Region, which is considered to be one of the hubs for the production of the commodity, have risen by about 50% in the last two months, causing concerns among poultry industry players.

(2) The price of a crate of eggs, which was between GHg13 and GH 18 in November last year,
is now between GH 20 to GHg25.

(3) Farmers in the region have expressed concern about the situation, especially, the decision by traders in Accra and Tamale not to come and buy the eggs due to the high price of the commodity.

(4) Apart from the wholeselers, boiled and fried egg vendors on the streets,
markets and lorry stations are also complaining about low patronage.

28. Which sentence contains an error in subject-verb agreement (concord)?
A. Sentence 1
B. Sentence 2
C. Sentence 3
D. Sentence 4

29. Which sentence contains an error in spelling?
A. Sentence 1
B. Sentence 2
C. Sentence 3
D. Sentence 4

30. In which sentence(s) is “to” wrongly used?
A. Sentence 1
B. Sentence 2
C. Sentence 3
D. Sentences 1, 2 and 3


Answer ALL the questions in this part on the question paper COMPREHENSION
(10 marks)

1. Read the passage below and ANSWER all the questions which follow it. Two old men were sitting under the big mango tree at the heart of the village as the townsfolk passed by. Everybody in the town knew where the two would be at that time of the day. Therefore, nobody was surprised to find them there.

They sat quietly drinking palm wine and puffing their pipes, apparently lost in thought.
Suddenly, their attention was drawn to a scene which was both interesting and scary.

Two dogs, Whisky and Victory, were engaged in a fight. Whisky was a brown dog with white hair around his eyes. This made him look very fearful. He was always barking at strange things. Victory, on the other hand, was a black dog, gentle and friendly to both adults and children.

When the fight started, everybody thought Victory would be no match for Whisky. The latter was the first to attack. He jumped up with his forelegs raised, mouth opened and gripped the back of his opponent’s neck with his sharp teeth.

Victory went down with Whisky on top of him. Victory played it cool as if he did not feel the pain. The spectators therefore concluded that the more aggressive Whisky had won the fight. Suddenly, the tide changed.

Victory got hold of Whisky’s hind-legs and bit it very hard, as if to break a bone. Whisky, who could not bear the pain, yelped and bolted with his tail between his legs.

a. Why was it not strange for the two old men to be found under the mango
tree at that time?

b. What were the old men doing under the tree?

c. Identify two differences between the two dogs.

d. Why did everyone tip Whisky to win the fight?

e. Explain the expression: “Victory would be no match for Whisky”?

f. “The latter was the first to attack”. Who does “the latter” refer to? [1 mark]

g. Give another word or phrase to explain the following words as used in
the passage:
1. heart
II. scary
III. gripped
IV. tide
V. bolted


(20 marks)
(Note: Candidates who exceed the word limit will be penalised)

2. Write an essay of 200 words on the topic below. As a headteacher, discuss TWO measures you will put in place to improve academic work in your school.

NTC GTLE Results Released ; About 84% of graduates failed. Check results

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