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Over 700 Teachers returning from study leave with pay storms Ashanti Regional G.ES office

Over 700 Teachers returning from study leave with pay storms Ashanti Regional G.ES office

November 21, 2023.  over 700 teachers, including the National President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers on Campus (GNATOC), Storms the Ashanti Regional Ghana Education Service (GES) office.

Initial reports suggest that these teachers, who had completed their study leave, were originally posted to various schools in the Ashanti region.

However, approximately 90% of them, particularly those designated for Senior High Schools, experienced significant changes in their postings.

Some found their assigned Senior High Schools completely altered, while others were unexpectedly reassigned to the Basic School Level.

This sudden reassignment has sparked discontent among the teachers, especially considering that many of them had previously served in underserved areas for an extended period and had upgraded their qualifications to teach at the Senior High School level.

Being redirected back to the Basic School Level is perceived as a form of punishment.

It is noteworthy that a recent initiative by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and the University of Cape Coast (UCC) introduced a course known as SWITCH 1.0.  UCC | GNAT Switch Programme to Teach in an SHS | Apply . This program aimed to facilitate the transition of Basic School teachers to the Senior High School level upon completion.

In response to the unexpected changes in their postings, the disgruntled teachers, in substantial numbers, stormed the GES Office in the Ashanti region, seeking answers.


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