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Start PLC Handbook 2 Intro to SHS/SHTS/STEM on December 4; No Vacation for Teachers GES

Start PLC Handbook 2 Intro to SHS/SHTS/STEM on December 4; No Vacation for Teachers GES

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The Regional Director of Education and the entire Management team congratulate all schools that have successfully completed both PLC Handbook I – NTS and the 12 remedial sessions for their hard work.

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) stands as the cornerstone of the Secondary Education Reform Program agenda. The region expects all Heads to collectively support the successful implementation of the program commitment to yield better results.

Professional Learning Community(PLC) and FOI. Highlights of the CCP Training

PLC Introduction to SHS/SHTS/STEM

PLC Handbook 2 on Introduction to SHS/SHTS/STEM sessions in schools will commence on December 4, 2023. Only schools that have successfully completed PLC Handbook I – NTS are eligible to begin these sessions, followed by the completion of any necessary remedial.

Each trained coordinator will be assigned a proportionate number of teachers to facilitate. For instance, if a school with 100 teaching staff presented 4 coordinators for training, each coordinator would manage 25 teachers in separate classes, running concurrent sessions in one day. It’s essential to allocate and prepare classrooms accordingly. Our decision to bring only coordinators and exempted heads and ITS aligns with our goal to finish the session within 18 weeks, as PLC Handbook 3 is scheduled for March 2024.

Download PLC Handbook 2 ; Introduction to SHS/SHTS/STEM

Speaker of Parliament Backs Teacher Unions to Change Reporting Date of SHS 1 From Dec 4

IT coordinators trained in PLC Handbook 1 will continue their responsibilities in facilitating PLC Handbook 2, collating attendance, and making entries using the KoboCollect app (Nevy Survey). Additionally, IT coordinators must be allocated time weekly to present dashboard readings to Heads and management to aid in data-driven decision-making. You can access the dashboard through this link: [Link to Dashboard: https://t-tel.shiny apps.io/secondary reform/l

Lesson Observation Teams

The Lesson Observation Teams, led by the Assistant Head (Academics) with HoDs and experienced dedicated teachers, must be strengthened. They should increase their observations to ensure PLC lessons are integrated into individual teacher lesson delivery, particularly in their teaching notes (lesson plans). Documentations must be filed and discussed with the observed teachers at the next PLC sessions to enhance the quality of lesson delivery and foster further discussion. Incorporating a critical friend aspect into every PLC session is crucial. Section 01 their response should be integrated into the introduction stage of the subsequent PLC session to share best practices.

New Teacher Lesson Observation/ Supervisory Requirement in Ghana 2023

Monitoring Teams

Regional Monitoring Teams (RMT) and School Improvement Advisors (SIAs) are mandated to visit your school monthly. Their tasks include supporting and participating in PLC sessions, conducting classroom lesson observations, and aiding SIP implementation processes. Their findings and recommendations are crucial for your success. Hence, please provide them with all necessary support. Any contradictory processes should be reported to the region.

Withdrawal of queried PLC absentees

Heads are required, by this letter, to withdraw queried PLC absentees who responded and attended their remedial session. Compile full details of staff (use their personnel record details in MS Excel) who failed to respond to the queries and did not attend the remedial session, and send them to central@ges.gov.gh before Monday, December 4, 2023


We embark on this PLC journey with the expectation of achieving 100% attendance for all teachers.

No Vacation for Teachers

Vacations are for students, therefore we expect full participation in all school activities that demand teacher attendance. We aim to avoid situations where attendance falls below 70%, which would necessitate queries, remediation, or other interventions. Notably, over 300 coordinators were trained, representing all 75 SHS/SHTSs in the region.

Remember, we are all in this together, and let us make this journey an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Please contact the regional SERP focal person on 0244893336 for any further clarification.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to the active involvement and collaboration of all concerned parties to ensure the success of this initiative.



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Download PLC Handbook 2 ; Introduction to SHS/SHTS/STEM

Other Updates


Clarification on January 2024 Salary for Heads/ Teachers who fail to complete School Census on EMIS



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2 months ago

The aspect that teachers don’t go on vacation completely does not make any sense to any reasonable person. You cannot be dictating to teachers like that.

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