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GES Professional Learning Community (PLC) Digital Platform manual – How to Register

Training Workshop towards the GES PLC App Roll -out.



Concept of PLC

A professional learning community or PLC, is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of the students.

Establishing and Managing PLC

The head of the school (HoS) in consultation with teaching staff and other stakeholders puts a PLC in place. An In-school curriculum Lead is selected to lead the PLC activities. The School improvement Support Officer (SISO) serves as an Officio member

Guidelines and Expectations

  • The membership of the PLC(HoS, CL, other staff) in consultation with key stakeholders(SISO, PTA/SMC etc).
  • Agrees on the PLC sessions( or meetings) schedules for the semester.
  • Identifies for the PLC sessions individual challenges in effective lesson delivery and innovative practices in teaching.
  • Creates common platform for members to share ideas, skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Identifies  and invites good and willing facilitators for each session.
  • Keeps record of attendance of members during PLC meetings.
  • Sets SMART goals for best practices in the school to meet expected performance outcomes and targets.

Other guidelines and Expectations

  • Previews and reflects on school data to plan instructions across the school curricular
  • Considers co-curricular experiences for learners
  • Considers innovative ways of incorporating new and improved initiatives such as the 4Rs and the core competencies

Learn more on Professional Learning Community(PLC) and FOI. Highlights of the CCP Training

GES PLC New Manual 2023

This manual guides a user on how to set up and use the G.E.S Professional Learning
Community (PLC) Digital Platform.

The platform is intended to facilitate the smooth running of PLC sessions in various schools at
the Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior High School levels.

The PLC platform was developed primarily for use by Curriculum Leads, Head Teachers, District, Regional, and Head Office administrators.

Mobile Version and web version

Splash Screen
Welcome Screen
The welcome screen has two(2) buttons (login and create account) which leads to their respective page


How to Login

The login page allows the user to log into the app

To login Enter your


and a password.


How to Sign up

The sign up has 4 main user pathways for registering,

The Head-Teacher,
Curriculum Lead,

District Lead

Regional Lead.

There is also a standalone admin from the Head Quarters

First enter EMIS Code to retrieve  school data in the Sign up Form


Aside the Head-Teacher and the Curriculum-Lead signups,

The other signups contains almost the same form fields

A Head-Teacher will be required to enter his/her school’s EMIS code before proceeding to signup.

A verification code sent to the Head-Teacher’s email and
available on his/her dashboard is needed by the Currirulum Lead for registration

Signup field

Full name

User name

School email

Phone Number



Confirm Password

Agree to terms and Conditions

Click on signUp

How to Reset Password

Forgot Password Login Page
1. To reset your password, click on the forgot password

2. An interface will pop up and requesting for your email

3. Provide your school email and you’ll be asked to enter your new password and

A link of verification will be sent

Dashboards interface

The Activity Summary (Dashboard) shows the various forms that have been
submitted and approved by the Head-Teacher.

Each Category of users has its own dashboard.

Activity Summary includes

Attendance and Minutes

PLC Check List

PLC Reports

Monitoring and Evaluation


How to Submit Form

1. Click on “Forms” on the bottom navigation and choose the type of form to
submit. Below is the interface after clicking on “Forms.

2. Choose the type of form to fill out and submit


Activity Summary includes

Attendance and Minutes

PLC Check List

PLC Reports

Monitoring and Evaluation

How to View Profile

1. Click on the menu icon at the top left corner, an interface will slide from

the left

2. Choose the first option “Account” to access your profile page

How to View Resource

Click on the “Resource” from the bottom navigation

This will bring up all resources shared across board

Resource can include school management pdf

How to View Messages

1. Click on ”Messages” on the bottom navigation

2. The message interface will list all communication

3. Tap on desired message to continue to reply

How to View Notification

1. Tap on the bell icon on the top right corner of your screen to view
notifications (As seen below)

2. The badge above the bell icon shows the number of new notifications

How to Send Feedback

1. Click on “Home” on the bottom navigation

2. Tap on a submitted form under “Submissions” (e.g PLC Report) seen in step 1.

3. Click on the floating button seen in step2

How to Send Feedback

Type and *submit feedback

Feedback will be *sent to the appropriate recipient

How to Send Message

1. Tap on the bell icon on the top right corner of your screen to view
notifications (As seen below)

2. Click on the plus(+) button to open the broadcast form

3. Fill the form with your message, recipients,, subject and attachment and
send message

Only HQ admin can send Broadcast message like in communities.

How to use Offline Mode

1. Forms can still be submitted even if you are offline

2. You just have to click the rounded arrows on your right top corner of the app
to sync and send the forms to the database online


How to use Web Version

The web session is just like the mobile session just some few interface changes, But Login, Signup, Sending messages , viewing resources are all the same.

How to Add Staffs

1. Click and select the staffs menu from the side bar menu.

2. Click on “Add” to add new staffs to the platform, staff can also be added
when filling form.

3. Staff name and ID can be edited by clicking on the pen icon

More to come soon 

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