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No CoLA yet but deductions hit Teachers Salary July 2022

Some Teachers seem not to understand why there is a deduction on their salary for the month of July instead of an increment.

Teachers across the country went on strike demanding a cost of living allowance, through their determination government has agreed to pay 15% cost of living allowance to them.15% CoLA to be paid by government– Ofori-Atta Mid Year Budget Review

July’s payslip is available and there is a deduction of Basic rate on the slip.

Some Teachers do not understand this and kept asking why there must be such a deductions on their payslip.

The amount is relatively  small Ghc 0.10 but most are saying it starts from somewhere and that the amount will keep increasing if they keep mum.

There are few who also understand what basic rate deductions are and hence are not alarmed.

It is a tax deducted from an employee’s income and is paid by an employer on behalf of the employee. The tax is charged on all income of an individual in employment, whether it is received in cash or in kind.

Monthly PAYE returns must be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee on or before the fifteenth day of the month following the month in which the deduction was made.

Are the deductions on teachers salary the cause for teachers taking loans?

Here are some definitions of basic rate you need to know. It is a normal deduction.


Basic Rate of Pay means the incremental step in the Salaries Schedule applicable to an Employee in accordance with the terms of this Collective Agreement, exclusive of all premium payments.

Basic Rate of Pay is the step in the scale applicable to the Employee as set out in the Salary Appendix inclusive of educational allowances and the Long Service Pay Adjustment but exclusive of all other allowances and premium payments.

Basic Rate of Pay means the total amount of money (including wage adjustments and increments) to which an employee is entitled under his contract of service either for working for a period of time, that is, for one hour, one day, one week, one month or for such other period as may be stated or implied in his contract of service, or for each completed piece or task of work but does not include



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