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Advocating for Advancement: Moving Beyond Deputy Director in the GES for Better Pension

Advocating for Advancement: Moving Beyond Deputy Director in the GES for Better Pension

In the hierarchical structure of the Ghana Education Service (GES), the aspiration to ascend to the prestigious ranks of Director II and Director I often feels like a distant dream for many dedicated Teachers.

The current system, while recognizing the crucial roles of Deputy Directors, inadvertently limits the career progression of our personnel, leaving them stranded at a crucial juncture in their professional journey.

The GES ranks delineate a clear path from the grassroots level of teaching to the upper echelons of administration.

Yet, the transition from Deputy Director to the coveted positions of Director II and Director I remains shrouded in ambiguity, hindering the advancement prospects of countless deserving individuals.

Revised Professional Ranks Placement in GES and Promotion Criteria. 2024

It’s time to reassess this paradigm and advocate for a fair and transparent promotion process that empowers Teachers to realize their full potential.

Consider the analogy of the Police Service or the Judiciary, where multiple individuals hold high-ranking positions, but only one assumes the pinnacle role.

Similarly, within the GES, the abundance of Deputy Directors should not obscure the fact that Director II and Director I positions exist and signify significant milestones in one’s career trajectory.

The status quo not only undermines the morale of our Teachers but also jeopardizes their economic security, both during their tenure and post-retirement.

The issue extends beyond mere job titles; it pertains to livelihoods, pensions, and socio-economic well-being. Addressing this disparity is not merely a matter of career progression; it’s a matter of dignity and financial stability for our dedicated workforce.

Teachers propose a structured approach to facilitate career advancement within the GES.

After serving diligently as Deputy Director for a stipulated period, individuals should be afforded the opportunity to undergo an Aptitude test.

This test should serve as a meritocratic gateway to the Director II position, rewarding competence and dedication rather than stagnating talented professionals in their current roles.

Moreover, this initiative isn’t about guaranteeing every Teacher a top-tier administrative position.

Rather, it’s about ensuring that no deserving individual is unfairly sidelined due to bureaucratic inertia or lack of opportunity.

By fostering a culture of meritocracy and transparency, we not only honor the contributions of our Teachers but also fortify the foundation of our education system for generations to come.

It’s time to rally behind this cause and advocate for the rights and dignity of all GES personnel.

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