CAB Dapaah Issues Statement Addressing Allegations of Stolen Funds

CAB Dapaah Issues Statement Addressing Allegations of Stolen Funds

Accra, 21st July 2023 – Cecelia Abena Dapaah, popularly known as CAB Dapaah, has released a statement addressing recent allegations suggesting that she owns stolen funds amounting to one million dollars, three hundred thousand euros, and millions of cedis.

In her statement, Dapaah acknowledges the public discussions surrounding the alleged incident, but highlights noticeable inconsistencies between the speculation and the original complaint. As a result, she has taken proactive measures to investigate the origins of these disparities to provide a comprehensive response in the near future.

Cecilia Dapaah, a prominent figure in the public eye, reassures the public that she remains dedicated to transparency and integrity. Her commitment to addressing these allegations head-on serves as a testament to her determination to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Stay tuned for an in-depth and detailed response from Cecilia Dapaah as she works diligently to shed light on this matter.

Full Statement

CAB Dapaah Issues Statement Addressing Allegations of Stolen Funds

CONFIRMED: Cecilia Dapaah resigns


In a shocking incident, house helps have been accused of stealing a significant amount of money from the residence of a high-ranking minister. The public’s anger towards the situation has been intensified by the revelation that the minister had chosen to keep such a large sum of money at home during a time when the government was urging citizens to convert their Foreign currencies to the local form, in an attempt to stabilize the exchange rate.

The theft has sparked widespread outrage, leading to an urgent demand for action from key authorities such as the special prosecutor and the Ghana Revenue Authority. The public is calling upon these institutions to thoroughly investigate the source of this money, as suspicions are rising regarding its origins.

Exchanging Foreign Currencies

At a time when the government was emphasizing the importance of exchanging currencies as a tool to combat the exorbitant exchange rate, the minister’s decision to defy such advice has resulted in severe public backlash. Citizens feel that the theft could have been prevented had the minister followed the recommendations put forth by the government, further exacerbating public frustration.

Given the current economic climate, proper measures to curb corruption and promote transparency are of utmost importance in Ghana. The public’s trust in government officials and their ability to appropriately handle the country’s finances is at stake. It is therefore imperative for the special prosecutor and the Ghana Revenue Authority to act swiftly and decisively in investigating the origin of the stolen money.

Public Demands Answers

The public is eager for answers and expects thorough accountability from both the minister and the government as a whole. This incident serves as a stark reminder that all individuals, regardless of their positions or affiliations, must adhere to the principles and guidelines set forth by the government in order to maintain the public’s confidence.

The outcry from the public represents a call for justice and a demand for stronger measures to be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future. The investigation into this theft should serve as an opportunity to increase transparency and accountability within the country’s leadership, ensuring that the interests of the public are protected.

As this issue continues to generate widespread attention, it serves as a stark reminder that the actions of those in power must align with the principles and expectations set by the government. Only through diligently addressing public concerns and implementing measures to strengthen the trust between the government and its citizens can Ghana move forward on the path to economic stability and a corruption-free society.

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CAB Dapaah Issues Statement Addressing Allegations of Stolen Funds

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2 months ago

Politicians are refusing to give back to society, so the society is taking what belongs to them. I.e (decentralization of state resources)

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