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Common Core Curriculum roll out in SHS/ SHTS/ STEM Schools Details

Common Core Curriculum roll out in SHS/ SHTS/ STEM Schools Details

All is set for the rollout of the Common Core Curriculum in SHS/SHTS/STEM Schools in Ghana

This follows a successful implementation of the curriculum at the Basic School level three years ago, with the first batch of the pioneering group scheduled to write the maiden edition of the Common Core-based examination this year. Subject Combination for 2024 BECE; All subjects Compulsory NACCA Press Release Today

It also comes after the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) completed a trial test of the curriculum during its development, with the relevant feedback used to finalize it.




A second trial test is currently being carried out in 31 SHS/SHTS/STEM schools across the country.

“The trial tests, which are done every two weeks, will continue until August, and the academic year will come alive in September.

“We are doing the trial test in all the 38 subjects, including the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects,” the Director-General of NaCCA, Professor Edward Appiah, said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra last Friday.

The interview sought to find out the preparedness of NaCCA to roll out the common core curriculum in the SHS following the successful implementation at the junior high school level.

Prof. Appiah said NaCCA had also developed teacher manuals and professional learning community (PLC) manuals, which were helping the teachers to know exactly what they were to teach.


The current PLC in schools is geared toward the implementation of the SHS/SHTS/STEM Curriculum.

Teachers are explorring and are also being trained to teach the common core Subjects.

The Full Curriculum analysis is also ongoing in schools

Download PLC Handbook 2 PDF Introduction to SHS/SHTS/STEM

To ensure that the subjects under the common core met the expectation of the subject combination in the tertiary institutions, he said at the beginning of the development of the curriculum, “We met with the vice-chancellors, and before we finished, we met them again, and after completing it, we met them for the third time.

“When we met them for the third time, they were excited with the new development, even though they came with some views that they would want us to consider, which we have wholeheartedly taken and will look at,” Prof. Appiah told the Daily Graphic.

He added that the vice-chancellors had also requested that they should be given the curriculum on the various subjects to enable them to set up their committee.

Prof. Appiah explained that even though it had met with the vice-chancellors, the doors of NaCCA were still open for further engagements, adding that it was now left with the vice-chancellors to start the processes of realigning the subjects.



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