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GES unveils Teacher Promotion Drive; Check Requirements and Apply Here

GES unveils Teacher Promotion Drive; Check Requirements and Apply Here

GES unveils Teacher Promotion Drive; Check Requirements and Apply Here

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March 7, 2024. The Ghana Education Service (GES) takes immense pride in announcing a groundbreaking recruitment initiative focused on the promotion of teachers within the esteemed service.

This strategic move underscores our commitment to recognizing and advancing the outstanding educators who form the backbone of our nation’s education system.

As a beacon of educational excellence, the GES is dedicated to fostering professional growth and rewarding merit.

The upcoming recruitment drive aims to identify and elevate teachers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment, innovation, and effectiveness in their roles.

Key Highlights of the Teacher Promotion Recruitment Drive:

1. Merit-Driven Selection: The promotion process will be driven by merit, emphasizing teaching effectiveness, leadership qualities, and contributions to the overall educational landscape.

2. Professional Development Opportunities: Successful candidates will not only secure well-deserved promotions but will also gain access to exclusive professional development opportunities aimed at further enhancing their skills and expertise.

3. Internal Recognition: This initiative seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions of teachers within the GES, providing a platform for showcasing their achievements on a national scale.

4. Transparent Evaluation: The recruitment process will adhere to the highest standards of transparency and fairness. A panel of experienced educators will be entrusted with evaluating applications and conducting interviews.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for promotion, candidates must:

Currently hold a teaching position within the Ghana Education Service.

Demonstrate a consistent record of exceptional teaching performance Showcase leadership qualities aligned with the GES’s vision and mission.


Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to start their applications now. Application forms or
downloaded detailed guidelines from the official GES website.

We encourage all eligible teachers within the GES to seize this unprecedented opportunity for career advancement and contribute to the continued growth and success of our nation’s education system.
For further inquiries, please contact:
Godsway Dogba (Mr.s)
Assistant Managing Director.
+233 (53) 617-5264

Update GES Update on Recruitment Process for Applicants


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